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Last Man Standing, discord server integration, monkey boss nerf, bug fixes & more!

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Last Man Standing

Last man standing is set to release this weekend if everything with tomorrows testing will go fine.

You can fight against a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 players in a battle to the death!
You can find crates all around to get epic loot.
After you kill a player you can take his blood or bloodier key and use on a chest for even better loot!
Be careful of the fog and get to the safezone intime!
LMS will have a really good shop too, including Vesta's longsword.

Discord announcements/clan chat

Our discord now has some new channels showing of accomplishments and more stuff happening in the server!

- Pet announcements
- New player in server
- Main clan chat in discord
- Announcements for 99s
- Rare drop announcements
- Alot of other misc things we will add/you will run into!

Our custom monkey boss has his stats greatly reduced,
Making him easier to solo/duo now.

Increased repair cost for void because everyone PKs in void because of the very low repair cost.
All loot from Chambers Of Xeric will also be announced now
Added dark crab fishing in original spot OSRS
Added dagannoth kings dwarf cannon restriction
Fixed Nightmare staff autocast normal/ancient
Added zuriel for ancient autocast
Demonic gorillas droptable changed, made the table a bit easier to obtain good items.
Fixed multiple other staffs that didnt autocast before, about 6.
Changed some small things in the questlog
You can now combine to create Kodai wand.
Removed restriction special attack button on minimap in Wilderness.
Moved the welcome player message to a later spot
Questlog now shows right amount of players online.
Changed "luna-ps.com" to "lunaors.eu" in questlog



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