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Last Man Standing Official release, questlog edits, anti-bot bug fixes + more

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Last Man Standing
Im proud to announce that we will release Last Man Standing today.

LMS in short:
There is fog that can kill you if you are not in the right safezone
Chests around you can open for epic loots when you kill players
Boxes around for loots
A awesome shop with great items!

(To the right is the amount you get if you purchase one of these products)
Vesta's longsword is now obtainable through LMS.
Once you purchased the sword you need 50m to unlock the actual VLS.

You need a minimum of 4 players to start a game of LMS

We are starting to get loads of different events which kind of spam the chat.
We added toggles for these broadcasts so you can take off a few event timers from chat.
Also other small edits to make the questlog look better overall.


Anti bot system for thieving
We've added a anti bot system for thieving making it a little bit harder to autoclick. You get rewards if you talk to the guy, kind of like a random event. If you dont respond within a time limit you will be jailed for 150 ores.

Replaced Rejuvenation Pool
The new rejuvenation pool only allows you to charge your special attack once every minute

Fixed Desert treasure quest appearin yellow after quest
Reduced monkey custom boss defence greatly
You can now look down and check fountain of goodwill. (Was Well of good will)

Donation logging discord
Replaced spnning wheel at home
Fixed a weird grace mark placement at seers village
Increased starters GP amount
Did a fix for the weird dragon harpoon fishing
Added a tick delay for thieving

Added teleports to:
Last Man Standing
Myth's guild
Added more staffs to autocast


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