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LMS edits, VLS, Sigmund, Bug fixes, barrow boxes & more

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Added LMS double points event
Changed shop a bit, added twisted horns & crystal armour seed
Fog now comes after 5 minutes.
Multiple other small edits

Edits done to Lizardmen shamans:
Purple spawns spawn less
decreased explode ratio
Added hunter trap restrictions

Small buff for VLS:
Stab attack from 86 to 90
Slash attack from 95 to 100
Melee strength bonus from 85 to 91

VLS = 35m
Snapdragon seed = 55k
Avantoe seed = 380
Bread = 30
Chocolate slice = 100
Silk = 100
Silver ore = 150
Uncut sapphire = 150
Uncut emerald = 160
Uncut ruby = 170
Uncut Diamond = 250
Dragonstone = 1000

Bloody Merchant:
Added XP scroll for 150k BM
Added Double drops scroll for 300k BM
Added crystal tool seed for 750K BM
Changed prices of items

Added ancient wyvern shield right stats
Increased value of items for when it drops

You can now use DWH at godwars to ring the gong

Fix for Motherlode mine for players that were stuck at a specific ore amount.

Defenders are now properly added to collection log & more small edits to Cyclops

Collection log wont spam now if you already own the item in the log.

Wildy bosses:
Removed some items
First place now gets 400k instead of 500k
Added (hard) and (elite) clues to wildy bosses droptable (Event ones)
Added Darkness set

You can now create and open barrow boxes that were in Grand Exchange.

Use on Bob at home with a dharok set to get the box.


Also works making a whip tradeable if you used the volcanic/frozen whip mix.

Fixed farming bugs

Removed abyssal sire from daily tasks

Dragon Harpoon is temporarily disabled till we found a fix. You can now fish with a normal harpoon.

Amulet of blood fury now only heals when using melee

Added amulet of the damned to barrow chest & barrow loot announces now

Added smoke battle staff to announcements

Changed all buy prices of donor store to 0

Wyrm loot should no longer spawn on clipped tiles

Brimstone chest now opens and closes, announces rare loot to discord, logs on collection log & announces how many chests you have opened.

Collection log & announcement fixes for larrans key

Changed "daily luna" to "broadcast"

Changed announcements to every 10 min instead of 5

Changed icon for announcement

Added zuriels staff to broadcast

Changed barrow items to the boxes in donator store

Multiple nightmare boss edits

Imbued mage arena 2 capes now costs 100k each to get a new one if you pray at the statues.

Decreased value when killed with the cape

Fixed being able to get stuck on rune/addy dragons barriers


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