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Blast Furnace, kill counts, Nightmare edits, much more!

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Blast Furnace
A long awaited update, blast furnace is now here!

HP bug fixed
Added melee attack for Nightmare

You can now cut Barbarian fish.

Prifdinas renamed to Prifddinas

Took off Morrigan NPC nerf

Added killcount on item drop announcement

Added blue dragon scale ground spawns in Taverley blue dragons spot

Added damage cap for ruby bolts

You now get a message when you get ailed how much you need to mine

Changes to hot/cold for Mage Arena 2 making it easier to find the bosses

Added teleport to Blast furnace & Nightmare Zone

Altar at home!

DHCB now has the increased damage against Elvarg and Galvek

Reduced some attacks/things for Elvarg making him a little bit easier.


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