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Voting, donate store + drops & Bug fixes & more!

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We have editted alot of items with a minor improvement with droprates.
Dragon Warhammer - Was 5k now 3.5k
Abyssal whip - Was 448 now 434
Basilisk Jaw/head - Was 1104 now 1004
Elysian Sigil - Was 4067 now 2324
Blood Shard - Was 1200 now 910
Bonecrusher (Barrows) - Was 250 now 125
Nightmare Staff - was 405 now 345
Inquisitor Mace - was 1300 now 1266
All Nightmare orbs - was 1485 now 1266
All Inquisitor set pieces - was 636 now 542
Galvek Draconic Visage - was 5166 now 2593
Kalphite queen Dragon chainbody - was 532 now 490
Kalphite queen Dragon 2h - was 532 now 490
Sarachnis cudgel - was 386 now 323


We decided its time to spice up voting a bit.
Every 6 votes you are now able to get a random clue casket ranging from easy to master.
At 100 votes you will get a Mystery box.
When you reach 250 votes you will receive x2 super mystery books
The vote store will also be changed in a later update.
You now get 75k gold each vote because all sites are now fixed and we have added rewards.

Donator store
We have implemented a donator store that will change items every 24 hours with a limited stock.
This shop has new items and also existing items like Super mystery book that will have a limited stock with decreased prices.
There are about 130+ Items and will show 20 different items every 24 hours!

Also removed/added alot of items in the other two static stores.

Fixed the superheat donor benefit

Fixed LMS (1000) cape & added items for our upcoming Gauntlet update.
(The pet, blade of saeldor etc)


Broadcast said the xp scroll was 100% xp, this is now changed to 50% because it wasnt correct.

Updated ::commands

Inquisitor Mace now hits every 4 ticks instead of 5.

Removed bronze mask from super mystery book

Runite ore now requires 4 coal at Blast Furnace

Fixed url directions of ::updates and ::rules

Changed craw's bow ID in super book to the correct one

Sigmund now  buys Magic seeds for 75k each

Sigmund now also buys Berserker Necklace for 700k each.

Inferno cape daily task store changed points

Removed "canafis" teleport

Editted rogue death ticks

Alot of items didnt require a magic/defense level to equip it. I've fixed about 40 items that didnt have these requirements.


We have done quite some work on gauntlet & Pyramid plunder and alot of other projects, we are excited about upcoming updates that we will bring to you guys!

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