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Easter Event! + Bug fixes & coal bag & more!

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Easter egg.pngEaster EventEaster egg.png

Happy easter everyone!

We want to celebrate easter with a new fun easter event!

Talk to the Easter Child at home to start the event!

He will ask you to find eggs located in main cities!
The eggs are located at Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador and Camelot.
With awesome rewards at the end!

After you've completed the event every NPC you kill has a 1/25 chance to drop a easter egg.

Eat the egg to get items from the droptable!

Easter egg.pngYou will be able to get:Easter egg.png
Between 5k and 10k Blood Money
Between 5k and 30k GP
Between 5 and 25 Purple sweets
A hand egg
The best reward... The easter ring!

Fixed coal bag & added to shooting star event shop & vote store

Added Ecumenical key to vote store for 20 points each

Divine potions now reset upon dead

1 tick superglass spell delay added

You can no longer drink the raid potion outside of raids

Dice hosts can now use the mithril seeds

Unsired now drops 1/100

Added a alch warning.


Changed ::home coords to match the one in spellbook for the Edge home.

You can now add up to 400 friends instead of 200



Added defense/magic levels to certain items

Added Piscalirius fishing teleport

Multiple clue fixes

You can now craft Wrath Runes

Added announcement about the vote lottery

Purple sweets can now be eaten

Jad Fest
Next update you will be able to fight 4 or 6 or 8 jads with awesome rewards!

Custom raid
Some great work has been done for the custom raid. I think we're at around 70% right now!!


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