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Pyramid Plunder-Beginners Guide

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Pyramid plunder is a great way to get your thieving up if you are tired of thieving the traditional way, the pyramid plunder minigame is a much more enjoyable way of thieving that is still profitable and far less click intensive as traditional methods.

*This minigame Requires at least 21 thieving to start*

Pyramid plunder has 8 available rooms to thieve 

image.png.c5eee63eed4b822e53e9e904a96e36a9.png        image.png.a1004bdd3e1b4ac7450dcf9c15ff8435.png                   

   Occasionally you will be attacked and poisoned playing this minigame so bringing a weapon, some food and anti-poison is advised. Bring your lightest weighing gear as you will be just running through each room.

 (Either wearing nothing or any Graceful outfit works best)

*Recommend either agility or stamina potions*

image.png.c739ba7835a2faa207786bd4dfaef609.png                                           image.png.7aba73f4f432803a7cde88ce01c232db.png

You can find Pyramid plunder via the main teleporter at home


You can start the minigame by talking to the Guardian Mummy


Once inside the minigame you will have 10 minutes to raid through rooms 1-9


Just pass the "Speartrap" for each room, and begin looting the urns, sarcophaguses, and the Grand Gold Chest in the center of each room, you will receive artifacts and xp for each successful click.


Once you have looted everything in the room there are 4 doors you can pick-lock, only one door will work you have to search all 4 until you are allowed to continue on to the next room


Just repeat the same process for each room, occasionally you will be poisoned, or a mummy or a swarm will spawn and hit you with a quick parry of 1's, just kill the swarm or mummy and drink antipoison when needed.

                                                      image.png.d1ff68233caf872061db6c800eb52f6c.png                                                                      image.png.25b62a901b27394c67d0556dbaa3a4e1.png

Once you finished raiding the pyramid you can take the artifacts to Simon outside of the pyramid for a reward !




Have fun Plundering !

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