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The Frozen Prison custom raid detailed bosses & NPC description

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The Frozen Prison raid will be released soon!

This post is a detailed description of the bosses & NPCs so far inside the raid.

Keep in mind:
Some things can still be changed/editted.

I just wanted to show you guys what we got so far!


To the right you will find the cursed dragon.

The dragon has the tsunami attack similar to Galvek.
- Prayer deactivation attack
- Shock attack x4 around player does dmg
- Normal dragonfire attack (Use antifire!)


The Seren has been caught by the Necromancer and used as his puppet to do his bidding.

While Seren is lit up:
Melee/range attacks
When Seren is not lit up:

Splits area, get to the safezone intime!
At 50% Seren will spawn a storm that will stun you
Does a attack similar to boulder, run from it

The Inadequacy


Poison: If you step on it does 8 to 35 damage Heals the boss the same damage

Summons a NPC that does high range attacks

after 10 seconds NPC explodes & damages everyone in the raid for a max of 85 HP - Kill him ontime!

Switches players prayers

boss has high defence against range and magic

bosses melee attack attacks everyone within certain distance



Mage & range twins

Spawns NPCs that do AOE damage
Normal magic attack

Drains all combat
Does a 2x damage special



At 75 and 25% HP boulder attack drops boulders in a range of 8 tiles and damages players for 75% of their HP at that moment

Spawns a minion you have to crumble undead, the minion walks towards you and if you dont kill it intime it will damage you for 50+ When he spawns the minion the player he targets at that time will be ice blocked and unable to move for a few seconds

Spawns (for now) Killerwatts every 60 to 90 seconds, which will stun you every now and then

Has a chance to drain your prayer or defence

At 50% HP the Necromancer will spawn his greatest creation

You have to kite this NPC because it will do massive melee damage, the necromancer will still attack you meanwhile. The NPC will drop a poison that will damage everyone within 16 tiles.

the NPC will also have a high chance to lower your defence by 75% upon getting hit

NPCs around raid:

Barrelchest - Will jump and shake the ground, damaging everyone in the raid Drains prayer with main attack

Black Knight Titan: Will spawn 2 NPCs at 50% HP

Ghast: Damages you for a percentage of your HP Ghost: Normal attacks

Killerwatt: Damages you from far away and has a chance to stun you

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