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Items obtainable from The Frozen Prison

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There will be several uniques obtainable from the new raid.

I wanted to make this post before the release of the raid so people can give their opinions about the stats.

Starting of with the Armadyl Staff

In a quest on OSRS Lucien (the end boss) asks you to obtain this staff. Guess he got the staff afterall in the end!


My thought process with the stats is to make it the best staff but not the best mage first hand. Which will remain Kodai but this one has some neat features to it!


Hidden bonusses:
None at this moment

How will the staff work?

The staff has at this moment, 4 different spells

Blood Blitz
Ice Blitz

The staff will attack with these spells in a random order.

You also need to charge the staff.
A charge costs 2 death runes, 2 blood runes, 6 water runes & 250 GP
You can put 20k charges in the staff.

Required levels:

70 magic
40 defence

Dark Tome




Hidden bonusses:
10% increased accuracy with Ice related spells (ice barrage - ice blitz - ice burst & ice rush)
Increased healing with blood spells(blitz, burst, rush & barrage)

Required levels:
70 magic only - Making this tome bis for pures

Necromancer Robes


The stats:
The robes stats are inbetween Ahrim and Ancestral,
Ancestral will remain BIS but this armor has some neat features to it!


Hidden bonusses:
Each piece has a 5% increased accuracy with Ice related spells (ice barrage - ice blitz - ice burst & ice rush)

New pet - Lil' Champ

Lil' champ lost his way through the prison and got enslaved by the Necromancer, you have freed him atlast!


Trailblazer graceful


This graceful has less weight then the original graceful. Matching it with the donator one

We've been thinking about adding a extra feature to this graceful
If you are standing still you regenerate run much faster or something else - Let us know what you think!

The rest of the loottable will be announced on raid release.



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