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Frozen prison edits + bugfixes & extras

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The Frozen Prison edits:

Reduced HP inadequacy
Inadequacy will now not switch your prayers as often
Reduced multiple attacks and HP at Seren
Increased some damage dragon boss
Fixed players being able to bug the raid with teleporting
You can now cannot take a cannon inside anymore
Multiple errors are now fixed
Finished raid event
Added a timer
Added a final portal at end of boss
HCIM wont lose their status in the frozen prison raid anymore
Added dialogue & things for new start raid npc in raid
Reduced highest damage chance from 10 to 5%
Way more smaller edits I probably forgot about

^ Raid is pretty much done, released soon! You can still test on world 1

Fixed Dagannoth Rex melee animation

Added low stock of gems at gem merchant at home

Fixed hydra helm in smoke devil cave

Increased thieving XP while wearing the rogue set

Fixed multiple food you couldnt eat

Added this:

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The amount of work you put in is awesome! 

Keeping the server clean and updated! 

Amazing stuff! ❤️

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