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Official price guide

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Friendly reminder that the prices below will always change and this is just a advice what to price items.

Players been having a rough time trying to price items correctly so hopefully this price guide will work with that!

The price guide has been made by multiple players and we came to a agreement about these items.

It might miss some items - Be sure to mention to us and we can always change it!!

The list isnt 100% complete yet - I want to complete it with all players as we go!


 1 Blood Money = 30gp

1 zulrah scale 200gp

1 reveant ether 400gp

1 dragon bones  15k

1 Superior bones 35k (as best xp and used to make best antifire pots)

1 Daganoth bones 20k

1 Hydra bones-25k

Crystal key 100k

Tooth/loop half of key 75k -45k


Cannon set 1.2m u can buy it off npc at Ice Mountain, the dwarf mine/place or ::dz if your a donator


Saradomin brew(4) 30k

Super Restore(4) 20k

Anglerfish 5k

Cooked Karambwan 1k

Dragon arrows- 5k

Dragon darts 5k

Dragon knive 1k or less

Dragon throwaxes 1k or less

Dragonstone bolts (e)

Ruby bolts (e)

Onyx bolts (e) 12k

Amethyst arrows 3k

Cannon balls 600ea ( 3000stack same store as cannon shop )


seeds theres sellable to sigmund for now

Torstol seed 45k

Snapdragon seed 55k

Ranarr seed 25k

Magic 75k seed

u can earn more if you sell to players who need it 🙂



Dragon Harpoon 1m

Dragon Pickaxe 10m

Dragon Axe 5m


Godwars items


Godsword shards 500k ( 150k to sigmund )

Godsword blade 1-2m


Armadyl Helmet 15m

Armadyl Chestplate 30m

Armadyl Platelegs 35m

Armadyl God Sword 40m


Bandos Chestplate 20m

Bandos Tassets 25m ( 15m to sigmund )

Bandos Boots 1m

Bandos God Sword 18m


Armadyl Crossbow 25m

Saradomin God Sword 30m

Saradomin Sword 2.5m

Saradomin's Light 15m

Staff of Light 22m


Staff of the Dead 8m

Toxic staff of the dead 16m ( magic fang are 8m worth )

Zamorak God Sword 5m

Zammy spear/Hasta 18m ( if u add Hydra claws into hasta it'll turn into Dragon Hunter Lance = 130m )

Steam Battlestaff  500k


Dagannoth kings

Archer Ring 5m

Berserker Ring 5m

Seers Ring 4m

Warrior Ring 1m

Dragon Axe 5m

Daganoth bones 30k


Elvarg from dragon slayer 1, no req u can just tele to there and do it ( if u use chisel on the head u'll get alot dragon bones and green hides! )

depeds on your crafting level

Robin hood hat 8m

Ranger's Tunic 10m

Ranger's Tights 20m

Ranger gloves 3m

Ranger Boots 25m


Craws bow 10m

Viggora's Chainmace 6m

Thammaron's Spectre 3m not really useful but u can trade that to bob next to trade post at home for 7500 revenant ethers

Reveant ethers 400ea

Statius warhammer 140m

zureil's staff 8m

vesta spear 45m

Magic seed 120k, 75k to sigmund

Bracelet of Ethereum 200-250k or u can destroy it for 250 ethers (100k worth)



Zulrah scales 200 ea

Magic fang 8m-10m

Serp visage/helmet 12

Tanz fang ( blowpipe )20-15m

Onyx 4m

tanz/magma mutagen 40m

jar of swamp ?



Primordial Crystal 20m ( u can add Dragon boots (2m) into it for Prim Boots )

Primordial Boots 22m

Pegasian Crystal 10m ( u can add Ranger boots (25m) into it for Pegasian Boots )

Pegasian Boots 35m

Eternal Crystal 5m ( add Inifity Boots (25m) for Eternal Boots )

Eternal Boots 30m

Smouldering Stone 7m



Trident of the Sea 4m ( add magic fang for Trident of the swamp (12m-14m) )

Kraken Tentacle 8m ( u can add Abbyssal Whip to make it into Tent whip )

Tent Whip not tradeable it has 10k charges once it breaks u'll lose whip and keep kraken tent


Thermouclear Smoke Devil

Occult Necklace 10m-8m

Smoke battlestaff not very useful so 500k if u able to sell

Dragon chainbody 2m ( might be hard to sell )


Alchemical Hydra

Brimstone ring 10m ( u'll need hydra eye, fang and heart to make one )

hydra's tail-3-5m, idk the price honestly ( can be combined with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher to create the bonecrusher necklace )

××Hydra leather ×40m-90m× ( bring hammer to rune/addy dragon teleport and find the craftin table if u walk north, care if u make it into Ferocious gloves wil make it UNTRADEABLE!!!

Ferocious gloves not tradeable.

Hydra Claw 100m ( add zammy spear for dragon hunter lance )

Dragon hunter lance 120m



×Dragonbone neacklace-10m

Vork head untradeable

Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield )

Skeletal Visage 25m( anti-shield to make it into Dragonfire Ward )

Dragonfire ward 25m


The Nightmare boss

Nightmare Staff = 80m-95m

Nightmare volatile orb 300m ( good spec weapon )

Nightmare Eldritch orb : 125m-175m( prayer boost and spec drain special attack )

Nightmare Harmonised orb : 750m ( 1tick faster casts )

✓Inquisitors set 1B ( full set has 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus )

Inquisitors Mace- 500m

inq helm 100m

inq platebody 240m

inq platelegs 240m


Corporeal Beast

Spirit Shield 3m

Holy Elixir 7m ( if u combine this with spirit shield it'll turn into blessed spirit shield )

Blessed Spirit Shield 10m

Arcane Spirit Shield = 250m

Spectral Spirit Shield = 150m

Elysian Shield = 700m


RAID 1 - Chambers of Xeric

Ancestral Hat = 100m

Ancestral Robe Top = 250m

Ancestral Robe Bottom = 250m

Dragon Hunter Crossbow = 250m

Dragon Claws = 125m

Elder Maul - 50m

Kodai Wand = 65m ( kodai insignia and master wand to make one )

Twisted Bow = 750m

Dinh's Bulwark 30m

Twisted buckler 40m

Dexterous prayer scroll 100-150m

Arcane prayer scroll 80-100m


Wilderness bosses, kbd too

Dragon pickaxe 10m

Ring of the gods 8-12m

Treasonous ring 8m

Tyrannical ring 8m

Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield )

Odium shard 2m each

Odium ward 6m

Malediction shard 1,2,3 1-3m each-2m

Malediction Ward 6m

PVP gear

Statius helm 25m

Statius Platebody 50m-75m

Statius Platelegs 50m-75m

Statius Warhammer 140m ( can only be droped from revs )

Vesta platebody 60-65m-100m

Vesta plateskirt 60-65m-100m

Vestaa spear 45m

Vesta longsword 80m ( only obtained from lms minigame ) cost 50m to make that inactive vls useful

Zuriel's hood 20m

Zuriel's robe bottom 40m

Zuriel's robe top 40m

Zuriel's Staff 8m



Morrigan coif 60m

Morrigan leatherbody 125m

Morrigan leatherchaps 125m

Morrigan javelin -50k ea

Morrigan throwing axe 50k ea

Dragon claws 125m

Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield )


Slayer monsters

Abbysal Whip = 5m

Abbysal Dagger = 20m

Abyssal Bludgeon = 120m

Blood shard = 40m

Dragon Boots = 2-3m

Dragon Crossbow = 15m

Dragon Warhammer = 160m- ((if same spec as swh should be less as stathammer can spec 3x instead of 2))

Imbued Heart = 20m

Basilisk Jaw = 30m-45m

Kraken Tentacle = 8m

trident = 4m

Granite maul 2m

Dark bow 3m

Black mask 3m

Ancient wyvernshield 20m


Heavy ballista- 15m

zenyte shard 20m (u can make that into zenyte jewels, wil need onyx gem and high crafting lvl ) look at zenyte jewels prices scroll alil down

Dragon Harpoon 1m


another stuff


Tome of Fire 40m

Burnt page 10k

Elder chaos set-6-9m,  hood-2-3m  robe2-3    top 2-3 



Fury = 5m

Berserker Necklace 1-2m, 700k to sigmund

Amulet of Torture = 25m

Tormented bracelet = 25m

Ring of suffering 20m

Necklace of Anguish - 30m(Should all be the same)

Dks rings

brimstonebrimstone 10m

wilderness ring 8m

ring of wealth 40-100k ( imbued from bounty shop )

ring of Recoil  2k


Theatre Of Blood

Vitur Scythe = 1b (1000m)1.4b

Sanguinesti Staff = 500m-750m

Ghrazi Rapier = 320m-400m

Justiciar set - Helm-100m  Body-275m-  Legs 250m


Barrows (u can sell to sigmund its like osrs price, just a tip )

Amulet of the Damned 5m

Karil's Set 10m - coif 1m   body 4m   skirt 4m   crossbow 1m

Dharok's set 10m    2.5m ish each piece

Ahrim's set 10m   hood 1m    body 4m    skirt 4m  staff 1m

Torag's set 8m, 2m each or just sell to sigmund lol.

Verac's set 10m   2.5m ish each piece


Clue items

3rd age


Plate body- 75m


Sword- 130m

Kiteshield- 75m


Coif- 35m

Range legs- 50m

Range body-45m

Vambs- 35m



Mage hat- 35m

Robes- 45m

Robetop- 45m

Wand- 50-55m

Amulet- 30m


god hide set   Coif -200k    Body -450k   Chaps-400k    boots 800k  vambs 250k


mage's book 8m


Ankou set   Helm    Body Legs  boots  gloves


Dragon ornament kit set  ??,  helm ??  body ?? legs ?? boots ?? scimmy ?? shield ??


Runite bar

Adamantite bar

Mithril bar

gold bar

runite ore

adamantite ore

mithril ore

coal ore

gold ore


Magic logs

yew logs

maple logs

mahogany logs

teak logs

mahogany plank

teak plank

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