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Donator / DZ Suggestions

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Some ideas I had for Donator benefits and things to add to the Donator Zone.

  • Increased Blood Money rewards from Tournaments / PvP
  • Extra vote points when voting
  • Noted bones from KBD, Black Dragons, Lava dragons, Wyverns etc. (Higher tier dragons/dragon bosses)
  • Access to more Trading Post slots?
  • Daily login rewards, maybe have it so when you do x consecutive days you get a reward

Donator Zone additions

  • Gem mining area with bank deposit box
  • Useable Herb farming patch, maybe Tree & Fruit tree too?
  • Instanced spawn-able wilderness bosses similar to what you did with the Crazy arch.
  • Donator Cosmetic shop for fashionscape ofc
  • Have the altar at DZ give the same EXP as Gilded Altar?

Lemme know what y'all think!

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