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The Frozen Prison release, bugfixes & more

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The raid is officially released.

Before players can enter the raid they must complete a event. If this event is not finished you CANT enter the raid.


The necromancer tries to break out of his prison, at the raid entrance alot of skeletons will spawn, you will have to kill these!

In total there will be 6000 skeletons - Every 250 skeletons a mini-boss will spawn which you have to kill!


You also need to donate items to help out the soldiers in battle against the creatures of the necromancer!


At the end of the event everyone will get a reward! -

You are able to claim the tbow colour kit, all $10+ donators can claim the kit at King Arthur outside of raids.

F2P can message me to get a colour kit.

All players that participate in the event get extra GP as reward.

The dark Twisted bow colour kit -  Only obtainable for 48 hours AFTER the event.
After 24 to 48 hours the colour kit will NO LONGER be obtainable.


The drops inside The Frozen Prison raid:


You can now make seas & swamp (e) at Lieve McCracken outside of the kraken cave

Your pets now appear correctly in collection log


You will now get your mythical cape back when destroying the cape rack inside Construction.

You now wont get rift guardians with pet boxes as often.

Disabled poison at addy dragons until fixed properly

Changed some dialogue for lil champ

Reduced armadyl staff magic stats a bit

Removed some ugthanki kebabs as loot

Fixed too many implings spawning

Added ::prices which will directly take you to the price guide on the website.

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Great update everyone glad to see all the hard work for this update and raid finally came to an end lol but onto the next task. Overall going to be fun for everyone ❤️

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