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Frozen prison raid fixes, hotfixes, bugfixes

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A smaller update to fix some issues players ran into & bugs made by the update.

With these updates all timers previously made for the event has now been reset to keep it fair for everyone.

The Frozen Prison:

Increased overall loot rewards for TFP
Added discord announcement for big loot
Aggro range increases for the twins and necromancer and necromancer minion
Increased switch prayer timer inadequacy
decreased overall damage output inadequacy
decreased defense inadequacy
fixes done for necromancer in an attempt to fix the players becoming stuck.

You can now claim the Dark twisted bow colour kit correctly at King Arthur at the raid entrance
Found at teleport interface > minigames > The Frozen Prison

You can only obtain this colour kit for 48 hours after that Arthur leaves and the colour kit will never return.

Making the kit our first tradeable but no longer available item.

You can only obtain through Arthur with donor $10+

If you are F2P be sure to contact Luna to get one for free!

Once you use the kit on the twisted bow the twisted bow WILL BE UNTRADEABLE!

Fixed freezing while having a rune platebody in your inventory and trying to open bank (hope thats all items now)

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