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Upcoming updates 2021 & words of encouragement

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In this post I want to talk about our upcoming plans this year.

We've had some mis steps in terms of communication with staff members.

The plan is to change this ASAP and be more open with players aswell,

I'm working on a staff book right now, every staff member will get this and communication will be more clear from now on.

I want to apologies if somethings seemed unproffesional, I work alot on different things and tend to forget about things that are important.

Now on to the fun stuff..


In terms of "big" updates our plan is to release Theatre Of Blood somewhere this year.

We also want to release an achievement system with 150+ achievements so starters & max players will always have something to do.

The website will also get new features added, including forum ranks and much more!

I'm working on a new PK minigame right now which will be located in the Castle Wars map.

There are also loads of plans in terms of server stability

Ofcourse we will always be working on fixing bugs too and get updates out that players suggest!

I see a bright future ahead of us and expect Luna to still be updated on a weekly basis with new fun updates.

Keep in mind when we start on bigger updates like TOB, updates wont be as regular but I still expect us to update atleast weekly.

We've had some rough weeks and I hope clearing things up more often will prevent us from having fallouts.


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