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Bug fixes & reworked Bloody merchant & more

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Fixes for frozen prison
- Aggro necromancer
- reduced damage twins
- Attempted fix for Necromancer and Inadequacy for players dying really weird
- Increased Serens attack if you are not inside the flowers
- added wear requirements necromancer set
- Replaced banker position at raids entrance

Changed Bloody merchant with new items!
- Burnt pages
- Dark fishing bait
- Dragon bolts
- Dragon arrows
- Super restores
- Saradomin brews
- Ecumenical key
- Infinity boots
- Master wand
- Super combat potions

Are all added!

Pyramid Plunder

Fixed level requirements Pyramid Plunder
Fixed golden chest at pyramid plunder if you click too fast it could fuck up
You now have 33% chance at no loot from urns instead of 50%


Temporarily disabled morphing

Added Wolfbane ingame

Multiple fixes to Castle wars for upcoming update

Removed points at Ice Demon brazier Chambers Of Xeric

Last Man Standing fixes

Increased mark of grace dropchance

Reduced spawn time KBD

Reduced spawn time Cerberus

Cow calfs now drop stuff

Permanent pool at dz2

Added more bears in wildy & reduced spawn time

Fix for DHCB for Vorkath

Cave horrors now do melee based magic attacks

Temp disabled emotes

Fixed beer drain

Thermonuclear smoke devil spawn time reduced

Fixes done for custom raid items turning into other items

You can now reset all combat skills at Sir Palodemes

Added alot for Bryophya - Not finished yet but ready for next update!

Teleport attack from abby demons and Kree'arra now fixed

Fixed exchanging vote tickets for points at vote store

XP scroll is now tradeable (60 minutes one)

Added 15 min XP scrolls for starters that isnt tradeable

Fixed aggro issues at Alchemical Hydra

Added cannon restriction for all wilderness bosses

Added orange abyssal demons to Catacombs

Fixed a weird wall at kourend catacombs being able to get

inside abby demons place in a buggy way

Changed WOGW 50m requirement to 40m

Temporarily disabled grotesque guardians as slayer task

Mythical max cape now added

Added Alchemical Hydra double drops ( like osrs)

Fixed falador shortcut underwall tunnel

Fixed doors at warrior guilds bugging out


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