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Wilderness Keys, Chinchompas, Check loot, CoX, Gmaul, Zulrah & MORE!

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Wilderness keys


Players can now receive a wilderness key from specific monsters inside the Wilderness (list below)

When you obtain one of the three keys the key will have a "check-hint" option.

When you complete this hint and dig with your spade at the right spot

A very easy boss will spawn, when this boss is killed you will receive 500k GP and one of the items in the droptable gif!

The clue keys will also have a "check-loot" feature to check the droptable out for yourself!

All wilderness bosses have a 1/30 chance to drop the key.

Ankou | Hobgoblin | Magic axes | Ice warriors

Have a 1/200 chance to drop a key

Hellhounds | Ice giants | Green dragons

Have a 1/150 chance to drop a key


Have a 1/400 chance to the a key

Need a refresher? In ::help > Wilderness keys

You can find all the info you need in regards of droprates + information!


Added chinchompa explosive attacks

Exhange flax for bowstrings
Flaxkeeper at this moment only accepts unnoted flax and gives unnoted bowstrings in return.

He is located at the flax spot in seers village.

Added dragon 2h sword special attack

Added grappling for agility shortcuts
Added ropeswings for agility shortcuts

Fixed shortcuts:
Rope swing to moss giant Island
Grapple at Falador wall
Stile into the beehive in Camelot
Draynor stile into cabbage field
Lumberyard stile
Lumbridge stile into sheep farm


Re-enabled bounty hunter

Zulrahs aggro is now improved
Transition delay has been increased
Edits done to Zulrahs melee attack & jad phase

Chambers Of Xeric:
Scavengers now respawn
Increased droprate seeds + secondaries inside raid, you sometimes didnt get seeds in raids.
Chambers of xeric points per 1% buffed from 8675 to 6675
Small nerf with certain attacks

Added check loot feature
Added to:
Wilderness keys
Potion pack
Mystery box
PVP armour box
Slayer chest
Super mystery book
Vote mystery book
Some items have right names now, also for mobile:
$10 scroll
Vote mystery book
Potion pack
Vote ticket

Multiple edits done to vote and mystery box and also super mystery book

Granite maul
Added Ornate Granite maul, the granite maul (or) and the version if you put the clamp and ornate together
The clamp version and the ornate maul version has +1 attack accuracy increase
The fully upgraded Granite maul (clamp and ornate handler) will have +2 attack accuracy increase

Pet and experience boost scroll timer now sticks on logout

Completed Bryophyta loottable & is now fully accesible.

You can now create Xerician robes


You can now make sinew with raw meat

Added pure essence and mithril grapple to the general store

Small edit to xp bonus time message

Added brine rat dungeon teleport & you can also use a spade south of a tree close to the Keldagrim entrance
You can obtain the brine sabre through the brine rats

Replaced pot of flour with wine (elves pickpocket droptable)

Temporary turned off minion spawn for Inadequacy and Necromancer in an attempt to fix some bugs in the TFP raid

Bunch of edits done to costume room Construction in an attempt to fix some stuff

Multiple edits done to Vorkath

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Wow huge update ! Awesome job Luna, can tell you worked your ass off on this one !

Edited by Strains
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Amazing work as always Luna!!

The dedication you show in these updates is inspiring, keep it up bro! This update is clean as! ❤️

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