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Presets, Chambers of Xeric fixes, bug fixes & much more!

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We've added presets! If you right click the booths at home and press "presets" you can
create your own presets of both inventory and gear.



You will be able to access the preset at these locations:

Home - The booths at home bank
White portal fun pk - Bank chest
Ferox Enclave - Bank chest
Chambers of Xeric - Presets totem at bank
The Frozen Prison - Presets totem at bank
All three donator zones - Bank chest

You also get more presets depending on your donator level
Free: 3 presets
$50+ 2 additional presets
$100+ 3 additional presets
$500+ 2 additional presets
$1000+ 2 additional presets
$5000+ final preset

You can now check all achievement diaries info & benefits in ::help or by talking to any of the diary related NPCs that hand out rewards


You can now right click Sigmund and press "Prices" to see what all he buys at increased price


Chambers of Xeric

Olm his head movements has been fixed to match OSRS

Changed max damage Skeletal Mystic to match OSRS

Fixed raid herblore

You can now create the raid chest with a DWH

Reduced damage praying mage while crossing the line

The Frozen prison

Changed explode damage Doubt from Inadequacy boss

Multiple other fixes done to Inadequacy

Reduced distance & chance headbutt from dragon

Misc content & bug fixes

Increased superior rates with each donator rank
Bronze donator 2% increased
Silver donator 4% increased
Gold donator 6% increased
Platinum donator 8% increased
Diamond donator 10% increased
Master donator 12% increased
Godlike donator 14% increased
Legendary donator 16% increased
Milkman 18% increased
Richkid 20% increased

Attack level and magic level added to toxic staff of the dead (uncharged)

Removed defence level & replaced to ranged level Black d'hide(g)

Kalphite queen head now drops guaranteed at 256+ kills

Added strength level Scythe of Vitur

Fixed obtaining a bronze axe at Bryophyta from the object

Increased chances obtaining totem & shard drops in Kourend Catacombs

Fixed hunter area shortcut at home

Fixed Pyramid Plunder achievement

Armadyl staff tradeable

Desert Treasure quest fix

Fixed acquire tome of fire achievement

The $25 and $50 scroll now show right name, on mobile too

You can now use Dragon Warhammer on the god wars doors

We've done multiple edits to Theatre of Blood and we're getting closer and closer to testing phases!


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