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PK updates, killing sprees, PK instances, new event & more!

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I felt like PVP was a bit neglected so I wanted to throw a PK related update with some new awesome features!

Added PVP instances - These instances act like you are in a PVP world
- Presets inside
- PK chest
- PVP zone

Lumbridge. ::lumbpvp
Camelot. ::cammypvp
Home. ::homepvp
Falador. ::fallypvp

In the pvp instances you get +1 additional PKP per kill & chance to obtain the keys for the PK chest!

Can also be found in the teleport interface at PK/Wilderness

Added a new Wilderness event:

During the event theres a chance you can obtain a Wilderness Event Key -

You can obtain the key killing players or killing wilderness bosses.
With this key you can trade it with Luna for OSRS GP!

Changed ::commands and added a seperate PK commands

PK Chest

You can now obtain PK keys killing players to open the PK chest

Note: You can only obtain a key at this time from the PVP instances with a chance of 1/40!

The chest is located at each PVP instance - Also has the "check-loot" feature!

Added killing spree rewards
Added killing spree shutdown rewards


You now get a new skull whatever your killstreak at the time is

Daily first kill of the day bonus
You get GP with your first kill, everyday.

You now get agility XP & marks of grace when defeating a player inside the wilderness agility course

You now get a skilling XP lamp killing a player inside the Resource area

changed default elo from 1300 to 1200
For future updates related with the use of elo.

Bug fixes & content

Fixed Armadyl staff charging
Reduced steps elite/master clues
Edits done to Olms head on phase 2+
Removed chat option spam
Fixed Nardah decanter -
You can now properly decant potions with either diaries or herblore cape
Fixed multiple issues that causes server to lag with a few days uptime

Elite clue: from 10/12 steps to 8/10 steps
Master clue: from 15/17 steps to 9/11 steps



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