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Hespori, Zulrah, ogre coffins, Discord integrations, bug fixes & more

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Added Hespori:
We've added Hespori, the Farming Guild boss.

Hespori can be found through the teleport interface or at the farming guild dungeon.

You can obtain Hespori seeds from all patches when you check-health or clear the patch.

$500+ donators can claim a free Hespori seed everyday at ::dz2



Multiple fixes done to Zulrah:

Fixed the arrow issue & fixes done
to Zulrah phases and sometimes Zulrah
got stuck when you killed her during
phase swap, This is now fixed.

Added ogre key coffins.
The ogre coffins can be opened with an ogre key or
You can picklock the coffin to obtain some starter items.

+ Teleport to Jiggig to access them

Trading post is now integrated in Discord in #server-tradepost and shows items put in it.


Bugs/Misc content

Fixed multiple items

Fixed Abyss DC issue

Added chat announcement for mysterious emblem & Larrans key

Fixed an issue with smithing silver and making rings

Fixed the granite maul fast spec for all mauls

Added range level to green d'hide vambs

Fixes done to OSRS GP key event

Elvarg loot announcements

Replaced "Obtain phoenix pet" Kourend elite diary with "kill 5 Hespori"

Replaced Ardougne medium agility course task to hard and moved Grapple Yanille to medium

You now have a 1/3 chance to obtain an additional wilderness key with diary benefit

Fixed Explorer's ring teleport coords

Fixes done to Olm

Kourend herb patch has been fixed




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