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Titles, dice zone, Construction storage, collection log, Nightmare & more!

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Added player titles, there are multiple titles you can obtain right now.
We will add more as we go!
The titles at the moment only show in ::yell

You can access titles by typing ::title


Collection Log:

Pets now add properly
Font of consumption now adds properly
Wintertodt is now added
Fixed barrow chest KC
Fixed KC Demonic Gorillas
Fixed KC Thermonuclear
Vorkath head now adds properly
Medallion Revenants
Fixed raids tab
Added lizardman shaman KC


Added multiple storage
Cape rack
Dress box
Magic wardrobe
Armour case

Fixed clockwork creation (steel instead of silver bar)

When creating mounted dragon shield/glory/legends cape and destroy it you now get the item used back


Dice zone:

Changed coords ::dice command to the NEW dice zone!

Automatic Flower Poker will be available soon just needs more testing!




Changed The Nightmares loot to match OSRS, the entire party will receive loot now and the player with most damage receives 6% chance at double loot.

Added a timer before the fight starts

Added Nightmare KC

Chambers Of Xeric:

Chambers Of Xeric points needed reduced from 6675 per 1% to 6575

Fixes done to the recruiting board to stop it from crashing

Re-added jeweled crabs


Misc content & bug fixes

Fixes done to Stronghold Agility course

Added bonecrusher necklace

Added stew

Fixed gold bracelet & gold necklace creation

Added Fossil Island wyvern task for Konar

Editted 99 and 200m announcements, they also show the players current XP rate now

More item announcements with clues:
Ranger boots
Holy Sandals
Wizard Boots
Multiple cosmetics

If NPC has no combat it now says "this npc has no combat information" instead of "test1 has no combat information"

Added announcements Font of Consumption

Added announcements Wintertodt + Dragon Axe chance

Larrans chest fix (now checks if you have enough inventory space)

Added Waterfall Dungeon teleport properly in interface

Replaced Hill Giants with Bloodvelds in Catacombs of Kourend

Changed coords Kill wolf inside Ardougne to make it easier to obtain

Added Yanille Underwall tunnel shortcut

Edits done to Tzrek zuk pet

Small edits done to Olm head movements

Lots of edits done to Grotesque Guardians

Fixed bug being able to continue a boss slayer task after 0

Took TFP book out of donator store

Removed the easter egg event (still gave eggs sometimes)

Added snape grass farming

Increased stock Baba Yagas Astral runes from 250 to 1000


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3 hours ago, Alymas said:

Is server down?  i cant open the mobile app.

Server is on!

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