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Revenant cave single+, Blighted sacks, pkp shop, Crystal trees, bug fixes & More!

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Revenants cave:
The cave is now single+

Revenants are spread around the cave

Spawn ticks of Revenants matches osrs now

Revenants cave has the same PJ system as OSRS for attacker & defender

Blighted sacks & food can now be dropped Revenants

Amulet of Avarice:
20% increased damage and 20% increased accuracy against Revenants
Permanent skull while equipped
Noted items revenants

Added a new special PK store with some simple supplies to get started quick


Includes blighted super restore & blighted saradomin brew

Pkp shop changed (picture below)

- Cape of skulls (skulls on equipped too)

Added blighted sacks
- Blighted ancient ice sack
- Blighted bind sack
- Blighted snare sack
- Blighted entangle sack
- Blighted teleport spell sack
- Blighted vengeance sack


Added blighted food
- Karambwans
- Monkfish


Changed pkp amount you can obtain killing players

10 pkp killing a player
5 additional pkp for kill of the day
500+ donors receive additional pkp
Killstreak 25+ receives additional pkp


Increased timer farming PK check


Curry tree now shows as curry tree not apple tree

Dragonfruit tree farming added

Added Crystal Tree farming in Prifddinas


Misc/Bug fixes

Fixed alot of connection issues regarding players waiting to get kicked offline

Added XP Hespori after killed

1/30 chance for looting bag from all NPCs in the Wilderness

Fix done for Mage arena 2 boss able to be locked and stuck

Fixed teleport Dareeyak

Reduced gmaul price from 2m to 1.5m

Enhanced crystal chest added to home

Added DHL damage to olm hands

Increased repair price for Void

Multiple prices in shops are changed

You get pkp tickets instead of points now

You can now use looting bag inside Ferox Enclave


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