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200m capes, pvm store, bug fixes & more!

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Added pvm point system + shop

How will the new point system work?

If the NPC is a higher level than 374, you will always get between 1-3 points

If the NPC is between level 274 and 374 you have a 50% chance for 1-2 points

If the NPC is lower then level 49 you have a 1/50 chance for a point

All other level NPCs will get you a 1/15 chance for a point


Note: The shop will be changed as we go!

- New custom, ornament primordials


Added all 23 200m capes to Mac store


Potion pack changes

The potion pack has been changed and also gives you super restores now and much more!



Misc/bug fixes

Automaticly drop bird meat at bird houses

Fixed prayer enhance in COX

Renamed diary Chop dying tree in Morytania to

Chop dying tree outside Slayer Tower

Every 6 votes get 10 minutes bonus XP

Bob the cat now exchanges cannon set

Bob the cat can now unimbue a warriors ring

Restricted ironman from using the traveler shop

Yeti's has been made a little bit easier

Fixed portal at donator zone 3

All warhammers now have a strength requirement instead of attack


Lots of edits done to Grand Exchange & Droprate boost, should be released hopefully soon!




Congratulations to:
Hello & Smoke & Tikalo for becoming our first administrators ingame!


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Прошу подсказать, как мне изменить пароль?
Может я делаю что то не так?
Нужна Ваша помощь.

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