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New quest & bug fixes

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New quest

Talk to the Mage of Zamorak located north of Falador at the Chaos Temple to start the quest!

He has 3 challenges for you, complete them all and gain access to the pouch shop!



Misc/bug fixes

Greatly reduced farming pet droprate

Renamed diary "Loot a abyssal whip from an Abyssal Demon within the Slayer Tower"

to "Loot a abyssal whip from an Abyssal Demon on the 3rd floor in Slayer Tower".

Added Abyssal bracelet (no skull when entering the Abyss)

After finishing pies you now get a pie dish

Runecrafting altar fixes

Added the remaining Pyromancer pieces in trade-in for burnt pages (bruma torch & warm gloves)

Fix buying golden prospector with unefficient pieces of eight

Added Astral runes to home mage shop

Christmas event:

Increased chance penguin pet

Made Yeti's a bit easier for the final days so everyone has a shot at the pet!


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