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The village, barrows re-roll, bug fixes & way more!

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Because the update will be quite large the village will be split up in seperate updates.

This is only half of what is to come for the village update.


Note: We've done more work than just the village update, which will be listed below all this information.


The daily task system has been completely reworked

Daily task has been renamed to village tasks

First of - We've added approximately 30+ new daily tasks

You gain 15 XP for every hard task
You gain 10 XP for every medium task
You gain 5 XP for every easy task

                As you level up your village all the way to level 100
                You will be able to obtain benefits & complete quests along the way


                During these quests you will pick sides which will,
                affect your village outcome and how your village will act.


                Once you reach level 100 you can enter the village.

                The benefits of the levels can be found in ::help or by speaking to Miles again and ask about it.

When you run into Miles at home, he can give you random task (around 40 in total right now!)

To be able to refresh your daily tasks, allowing you to gain XP faster

At ::dz3 there is also a NPC you can refresh your tasks with one time a day.



Some of the rewards obtainable as you level:




                Level 5
                5% chance at double fish
                Level 10
                5% chance at double black chins
                Level 15
                5% chance at increased birdhouse loot
                Level 20
                No hammer/saw needed to create in Construction
                Level 25
                5% chance at double amethyst from rock
                The Blacksmith quest
                Level 30
                Obtain construction outfit - increased XP construction
                Level 35
                4% chance to not deplete a rock during mining
                Level 40
                Combine KBD head to create a dragon hunter crossbow (b)
                Level 45
                Increased loot slayer chest & coin box
                Level 50
                Combine vorkath head to create a dragon hunter crossbow (t)
                The church quest
                Level 55
                No warm clothes needed in Wintertodt
                Level 60
                Use fire cape on slayer helm to create jad slayer helm
                Level 65
                Level 70
                10% less drain while running outside of Wilderness
                Level 75
                3% increased permanent droprate in GWD
                Level 80
                Use Blood shard on slayer helm to create vampyric slayer helm
                Level 85
                3% increased permanent droprate
                Level 90
                Use inferno on slayer helm to create tzKal slayer helm
                Level 95
                A special chest dropped by various
                slayer mobs/bosses with supplies/GP
                Level 100
                Access the village




Added lizardmen tasks
Added basilisks task
Added kraken boss task

You no longer keep wintertodt points when teleporting away
The cold attack & magic attack now appears less often


Changed the way you receive your barrows loot

Added ability to re-roll your barrows loot - Note: this feature will be available soon.

New items:
DHCB (t)
DHCB (b)
Tzkal slayer helm
Vampyric slayer helm
Tztok slayer helm
Construction outfit
Village chest


Took out cannon XP in chat while using cannon

Removed christmas event & replaced christmas map with normal one

Renamed pvm gnome to "pvm store"

Chest used for cosmetics renamed to "cosmetic chest"

Updated pvm shop with different prices

Added correct quest requirements fishy situation quest

Re-arranged some teleports in the interface

Added a drop warning to bow of Faerdhinen

Wise old man hat is now tradeable

Reduced ectophial chance at Ectofuntus

Verac now gives slayer XP on task

Fixed desert amulet 2 & 3 teleporting

Fixed 3rd age axe and is now useable

Balance beam removal

Renamed hefty tax bag to dice bag

Sarachnis cudgel now requires 65 attack

Fixed crystal tree event timer in quest log

Added skill cape animations to 200m capes

Barnaby now can take you to ardougne/brimhaven/rimmington at all different harbors

Changed dialogue shearing sheep

Double drops scroll is now tradeable

Final words:

The droprate boost is pretty much completed and ready to release.

I wanted to release the update above first see how everything goes before adding too much and things starts to break

I hope you guys will enjoy our idea with the village!



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