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Improved/new dedi server, repair-all, fixes & more

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Improved dedicated server

We have moved Luna to an improved dedicated server & changed location to ensure a better latency and overall smoothness

in the server, in particular for US players!

Lots of back-end edits done to the server for a better experience

Repair stand

You can now visit the repair stand and press the first option "repair-all" with GP in your inventory to repair all your broken items instantly

You can still use an item on the stand to repair just a single item aswell

Renamed armour repair stand to repair stand


Misc/bug fixes

Editted AFK shop

You now wont get counted in the wilderness leaderboard at Edgeville wilderness

Fixed skill lamps/diary lamps

Added new world announcements

Added AFK zone to ::help, ::commands and the teleport interface at "misc"




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