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New world boss, bonfires, X-log, new items & more

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New world boss


The boss will drop bombs occasionaly, run from these!
The boss will heal himself every now and then
She will do magic/range attacks and upclose melee

Noteable drops:

- Dragon arrows
- Dragon bolts
- Dragon opal bolts
- Clue step skip pages
- Village tokens
- Village XP
& Much more!

Noteable features:

Village level 65 has a 5% chance at double drops from the boss
40% chance at 1 village XP every kill
1/50 chance at 5-10 village XP every kill
Village level 100 has 1/250 chance to obtain loot from a special loottable






You can access bonfire with the Wintertodt teleport or bonfire in skilling

You can only place logs on the bonfire at wintertodt
You have a 1/200 chance of spawning a Fire spirit (You NEED to have a bucket of water in your inventory at all times while at the bonfire)
Simply douse the fire spirit to be rewarded GP & XP


X-log timer

A x-log timer has been added to prevent pkers to exit out of client and immediately log out


Bug fixes/misc

Added oily fishing rod in general store at home & you can now properly fish lava eels

The dark twisted bow is now (broken) when you die with it in the Wilderness by a player, costs 5m to repair it.

Added a way to lock players from using any of our gambling methods (I don't feel like this will work but players asked for it)

Fixed multiple platebodies with players arms appearing through it

Bow of Faerdhinen now drops (uncharged) and players lose it when dying in Wilderness

Added win/lose message when losing in FP

Added ring of endurance - Just needs a way to hand out to players

Changes done in ::help

Village level 65 is now filled in

Added a drop message that tells you that you got an ecunamical key

Added the village map, I didn't add all the details to it yet, just enough for the world boss itself, because it is located in the village!

Fixed Gorak in GWD

Re-added pk leaderboards

Removed "angry monkey" world boss



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