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World boss edits, fake XP drops 200m

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Fake XP drops

After 200m XP you will now see fake xp drops.

Your xp rate turns to x2 for the 200m skill aswell.



Frozen Prison

Frozen prison: Increased chance at obtaining bow of faerdhinen


World boss

World boss: Your loot now appears in your inventory if you have space & the item message what you got works properly

Added bank chest next to barrier

Boss doesn't drop bombs anymore under 350 HP

Increased HP to 3000 from 2850

World boss has a small chance to damage players using melee

Fixed issue with bomb causing players to DC All players that hit boss gets KC count now

Changed most of world boss droptable to increase chances at better loot like:

Added dragon limbs for dragon crossbow
Added Mahogany logs
Added Teak planks
Added adamantite bar
Added runite ore
Added multiple herbs
Added green d'hide
Added mystics
Added cannonballs
Added Onyx bolts (e) & way more!

Changed the way certain spells are used & overall behind the scenes fixes & improvements

Added ::wb (worldboss tele) or ::worldboss Increased quantity of most items


Misc/bug fixes

Fixed issue players stuck online after x-log update

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