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Vote boss, ore box & TFP event, sinhaza capes, multiple fixes

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Vote boss
Every 60 votes a vote boss appears.
You can type ::vb or ::voteboss to access the boss

Notable features:
The boss is focused on healing himself

He will throw blood barrage to heal himself

He will also spawn exhumes
A player needs to start on these exhumes to prevent them from healing the boss

He will throw shadow barrage upon close range, which will be ranged hit

The boss also has a chance to hypnotize a player, the player will be forcefully moved to the boss.

The boss can also throw blood bombs, run away from these, if you explode these bombs next to the boss it will deal high damage to him.

Notable drops:

- Imp pet

-Kodai cosmetic

Added ore box

The ore box is similar to the herb box.
You will obtain 10 different ores listed below
You receive more coal if you hit coal.

The ore box has been replaced with the ores in the shooting star event shop

Ores available in box:
Dragonite ore
Runite ore
Adamantite ore
Gold ore
Silver ore
Mithril ore
Iron ore
Copper ore

Added egg sacs

The egg sacs allow you to receive 100 spiders' eggs upon opening them with a knife.

Available from Sarachnis 1/20

The Frozen Prison

Added The frozen prison event which gives players an additional 8% chance at unique loot.

Fixed an issue with Inadequacy when players die due to the poison attack

Misc/other content

Added sinhaza capes



Fixed a problem with glass blowing receiving the wrong bucket

Anvil in ::dz3 has been put closer to bank

Added 1 dragonite rock to dz3

Changed dragonite mining to 90 instead of 95

Mobile users can press examine to pick up items from a loot pile if the pile is above 10

Fixes done to trading post to ensure no errors occur

Events announced in server (double drops, CoX boost etc) are now announced on discord #events

Fixes done to world boss

Decreased defence kree'arra & added correct offensive stats

Renamed an achievement diary


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