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Theatre Of Blood release & bug fixes & more (Zalcano coming soon!)

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The Theatre of Blood

The theatre of blood has been released! There are 6 bosses you will face.

The Maiden of Sugadinti


At 75%, and 50% hitpoints, the Maiden will spawn two Nylocas Matomenos for every player in the party.

The NPCs will walk straight towards Maiden, if they reach Maiden they will heal her.

To stop this, players have to freeze them and kill them afterwards.

The maiden will also throw blood spots you will have to dodge else they will damage you & heal maiden.

Pestilent Bloat


The bloat will walk around its room in a square as soon as the party enters the room. If any player is within its line of sight, the Bloat's flies will attack them, causing players to take rapid hits of 10-20 every tick until they are out of the Bloat's line of sight. This will spread to other players in the raid also and can therefore kill a party very quickly.

After seven or fourteen cycles of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, it will stop moving, allowing players to attack it.
After a few seconds, it will stomp the surrounding area, dealing large amounts of damage. If its defence has been reduced, it will regenerate to full when it stomps. If a player is hit by a mutilated flesh, it will deal 30–50 damage and stun them temporarily. Falling flesh can be evaded beforehand by looking for their shadow on the floor.

The Bloat will also change direction randomly throughout the fight. Along with this, it will also change the speed at which it is walking. It has two different speeds of moving: walking (one tile per tick) and running (two tiles per tick).

Nylocas Vasilias


Nylocas Vasilias is the third encounter in the Theatre of Blood, and spawns after killing off waves of Nylocas Hagios, Ischyros, and Toxobolos spiders.

During the wave the spiders may explode and deal high damage.

The spiders will also hit the pillars around the map, make sure all pillars do not reach 0 hp else your team loses.

Vasilias also changes his combat style throughout the fight by changing its carapace, which also indicates its weakness: grey for melee, blue for magic, green for ranged.

It will change every 10 ticks (6 seconds), and it will always change to one of the other two styles.



Sotetseg is a dark beast that has been corrupted through Haemalchemy. It is the fourth encounter in the Theatre of Blood.

Sotetseg stands immobile in the northern section of a 14×15 tiled arena. It launches small red projectiles which can be blocked with Protect from Magic.
It also launches green projectiles which can be blocked with protect from ranged.
If standing in sotesteg's melee distance he will melee you and hit 50% less damage on protect from melee.
Sotetseg will also occasionally fire a large red ball at a single player. All players must stand within a 3×3 area of the targeted player to disperse the damage.
If the player does not manage to put protect from magic on once the ball hits he will be 1 hit for full HP.



Xarpus is the fifth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. The Yarasa King, Xarpus is the last of its kind, and was captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to be used as a boss in the Theatre.

Recovery (Phase 1): Severely weakened, Xarpus will channel the energy of the ground by exhuming a total of 25 skeletons to heal him for rapid bits of 6 health per tick for 15 ticks.
This can be temporarily halted by standing on top of the exhumed remains.

Poison (Phase 2): Xarpus starts attacking the players after enough time has passed from phase 1 and starts off with the amount of health he had starting from phase 1.

He will launch poison at players surrounding him dealing rapid damage which will heal him in return.
This poison then occupies that tile for the rest of the fight and deals 6-8 damage each tick a player stands on or crosses over it. Skipping over a poisoned tile will deal a delayed hit.

Counter (Phase 3): Xarpus screeches once lowered below 22.5% of its health and stops launching poison around the arena, instead staring intently at one quadrant at a time.
If a player attacks it from the area Xarpus is looking at, it will retaliate hitting a 50 and heal half of the damage you hit on him.


Lady Verzik Vitur is a vampyre who rules over Ver Sinhaza. She is the hostess as well as the final boss of the Theatre of Blood

Phase 1:
Players in the raid must take it in turn to use the Dawnbringer  in order to harm Verzik. Any other weapon will have a much lower chance of hitting and will also be capped on damage. It is mandatory to hide behind a pillar, as failing to do so can result in fatal damage. Pillars will also collapse after several attacks and deal heavy damage to anyone next to them when it collapses.

Phase 2:
During phase 2, Verzik will leave her throne and fly to the middle of the room, collapsing all remaining pillars in the room. Players next to her have a chance of being bodyslammed away which stuns them,
and she also tosses out bombs at the players' positions which deal heavy damage if they are not avoided.
She can summon multiple Nylocas.
When this happens she also tosses a slow purple projectile which can be avoided but if it lands on the tile the player's on it can deal up to 78 damage.
This purple projectile also transforms into Nylocas Nathanos which will heal her and can be removed by attacking them once with a poisoned weapon to inflict a heavy poison hit before despawning.
The common Nylocas will follow a player and explode if they reach their target for 63 damage, but will also explode after a set amount of time.
As her health falls below 35%, she will start using blood spells to heal her, which will drain the player's prayer if prayed against, and periodically summon two Nylocas Matomenos which she will kill off if they persist too long, and heal her for the amount of health they had left.
During the first three seconds after she summons them, any damage inflicted will heal her instead.

Phase 3:
During phase 3, Verzik's true form will be shown, a half spider, half vampyre.
She is now mobile and uses all three forms of combat, her ranged attack consisting of barbs and her magic a single blue projectile.
These are considered to be her "Auto" attacks. She now has four special attacks.
The first she will summon common Nylocas during the fight like in the previous phase, and uses new abilities.
She can charge up a powerful attack, creating "safespots" which players can stand on to protect them from this attack.
Each "safespot" only works for one player, so they cannot stand on the same tile to protect themselves.

She can also launch a green projectile which must be bounced between every player of the team or the player who is targeted will take heavy damage.
The order of these attacks are in a set order.
The first round of special attacks is Nylos, followed by webs, safe spots, and green projectile.
There are four "auto" attacks between each special attack.
When she reaches 20% of her health, she will increase her attack speed, and summon a purple magical tornado for each player in the room, which will constantly follow them.
If they are hit by the tornado, they will take damage equal to 50% of their current health, healing and empowering Verzik in the process. The tornado will also heal Verzik if a player dies to another attack.
Misc/bug fixes
Fixes done players being able to safespot certain bosses with bow

Fixes done to Inadequacy with a dead bug

Fix done at vote boss

Increased slayer shop item sizes

Added climbing boots for ironman in ironman shops

Added a message showing amount of votes left if you go to

Added TOB titles in

Added sounds to Sang staff

Fixed Zulrah & Galvek NPC rendering

Fix done for Karil armour special attack (with full karil)

More edits done to ensure less lag in the server & more
Zalcano is finished & will be released soon!

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