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Rewards interface, Theatre of Blood edits & Zalcano edits & more

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Reward interface

Doing certain activities an interface may appear which tells you you've completed your activity

The interface at the moment will appear with

- Collection log after obtaining an unique item

- Achievement Diaries



Theatre of Blood

Increased odds at obtaining uniques

Fixed an issue with Verzik targeting players during transitioning

Increased Vasilia phase 1 spider wave by 6 seconds

Decreased Vasilias start with switching combat styles by 6 seconds

Fixed issue keeping points using supply chest

You can enter the doors using "quick-enter"

Other small fixes done

Work done on player health orbs/boss HP bar, will be added soon!



Fixed issue players still mining after mining phase ended

Changed how rewards are given out & added a minimum damage to be eligible for loot

More small fixes done to Zalcano


Misc/bug fixes

Changed Rick's head questlog information about the puzzle to make the puzzle more obvious

Fixed woodcutting axe animations for certain axes

Fixed Dragon harpoon fishing

Ranis at Duel arena now reminds you to stay clear of scams or tricks!

Konar now gives Aviansies as task

Reduced village task 3 onyx requirement to 1


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