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The Mimic, Obor, Daily reward chest, Charter ship, TOB edits, Donator benefits & MORE!! (Big update!)

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Theatre of Blood edits:

Blade of Saeldor temporarily available from Theatre of Blood

Added name of the current boss whenever you enter the room as interface

Greatly increased chance at obtaining unique

Added Theatre of Blood event that increases unique loot even more

Temporarily made the reward interface the CoX one untill further notice

Fixed issue with Verzik pillar dealing damage to player too late

Fixed issue with Verzik pillars hit distance being too great

Reduced Vasilias spider spawn by 6 seconds

Increased Vasilia strarting to switching stances by 6 seconds

Multiple other fixes

Added "presets" to Ver-sinhaza bank

Added pool of rejuvenation at Ver-sinhaza bank

Added holy & Sanguine cosmetic kits to loottable


The Mimic:

The Mimic has been added to the game!

You may fight the boss after obtaining a Mimic chest.

You can obtain a chest through 3 ways:

1/15 chance from Master caskets

1/30 chance from Elite caskets

Donators have a 1/30 chance to obtain a mimic chest from Hard caskets aswell.

Our version of Mimic will always give you rolls from the master casket items.

The rolls depend on which clue you obtained the Mimic chest & if you died at Mimic or not.

6 rolls: Master casket
5 rolls: Hard casket
4 rolls: Medium casket





By killing Hill Giants you have a 1/92 chance at obtaining a Giant key,

you can use this key at Obors entrance to fight Obor for a chance at the Hill Giant club & many other supplies!



Daily reward chest:

Every 24 hours you may claim a free chest for your loyalty!






Putting cannon balls in the cannon should now always work instead of clicking multiple times

Added donator benefit: at $1000+ donator if you are within cannon shooting range the cannon will fire cannonballs from your inventory

Multiple other small cannon fixes


Vote boss:

Fixed issue with boss HP getting way too high

Slightly reduced healing output from the boss

Increased chances at unique loot


Donator benefits:

Some players felt like donator benefits has been neglected for a while. Therefore we've added some new benefits!

Dz3 slayer cave is now a multizone
At $1000+ donator if you are within cannon shooting range the cannon will fire cannonballs from your inventory

Chance to receive mimic chest from hard caskets

Less clue steps overall  from medium to master clues

20% increased chance at obtaining a pet

10% increased chance at obtaining  a pet

5% increased chance at obtaining a pet



50% chance at extra nest from birdhouse ($1000+ benefit)

Non-donators birdhouse timer reduced to 40 minutes instead of 50 minutes

Any donator: 35 minutes instead of 40 minutes
$500+ donator: 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes
$1000+ donator: 25 minutes instead of 40 minutes
$2500+ donator: 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes
$5000+ donator: 15 minutes instead of 40 minutes

Pyramid Plunder:

Increased chance at obtaining Sceptre
Added chance at obtaining several gems & gold bars from plunder



Ship charter has been added & all the wanderer traders & shops has been fixed

The charter will check your current location & change the interface accordingly if you cannot use a boat to reach the area

Fixed multiple gangplanks that didn't work



Teleport Interface:

Changed the interface slightly for the search button to search teleports to make it more obvious


New teleports:

Hill Giants
The Mimic
Crabclaw Cave



Slightly increased GP output from caskets crabs

Fixed issue with items staying forever at sand crabs & other NPCs

We've added crabclaw cave as a way for players to train in peace without cannons interrupting them

The cave also has King sand crabs



Fixed mould creation rings/necklaces etc, the buttons to create 5.. 10.. or all now properly works




Fixes done to Zalcano to prevent him from bugging out again during mining phase

When standing back up automaticly stop players from mining



Pvm store:

Added coin pouch
Added coin casket
Added giant key


Changed 3 Onyx requirement from village tasks to 1 Onyx

Totem pieces now properly add to your Collection log

Hespori items now properly adds to your Collection Log

Vorkath head now properly adds to your Collection Log

Added pet to Dagganoth supreme (somehow didn't have it)

Taken Scythe out of donator store & temporarily replaced with Blade of Saeldor

Changed Ammonite crab slayer level from 10 to 1

Added a message to use your food on the cooking range to begin cooking

Fixed multiple NPCs with wrong animations

Added dragon kite shield creation at the Dragonforge

Konar task fixes

Fixes done to Kree'arra

Character selection button now logs you out aswell

Added player blackmarks for several punishments ingame

Changed ranger NPC at frozen prison (because Mimic uses the third age ranger!)

Fixed players instantly starting a Pest Control game

Added announcement Robin Hood Hat

Fixed dragon defender & dragonbone necklace stats

You can now use the 3rd age ring to change into multiple 3rd age pieces

Added bone necklace effect to the necklace (prayer restore every bone depending on the bone)




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Huuuuge update man, really nice seeing you coding in some of the fundamental features like charter ships and working jewelry interfaces. Stoked 😄

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