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The bank quest, Galvek, TOB edits, tournament edits, bank fixes, XP interface, pet edits & more

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New quest!

The Bank quest has been added.

The wise old man asks you to help him rob the Draynor Village bank!

He wants you to obtain a bomb and help him steal gold from the bank.

There are 4 ways you can complete the quest, every way has a special reward with it!



Fixed issue being able to safespot the boss

Added new items:
You obtain between 60-90k GP every kill

Removed some bad loot like adamant arrows, adamant darts, full helm etc.

Increased amount of most items dropped by Galvek

Reduced droprate of high value items like dragon claws, morrigan outfit

Added new items:
Full dragonstone armor
Dragon platebody
Dragon full helm
Dragon Dart tips/arrowtips
New seeds & made runite noted drops

Reworked the character selection interface
- Background now moves & changes
- Removed the character view & stats
- Other fixes to ensure safety
- Changed some fonts of text


Fixed "Release all placeholders" button
Fixed able to remove & add new bankpins

Increased GP rewards at Tournament
First place: 1.25m
Second place: 500k
Third place: 300k
Participating: 100k

At the last remaining 2 minutes a message will be shown
showing the amount of players currently waiting for the tournament

Added interface showing server-wide information about Theatre of Blood
- Deaths
- Best time
- Attempts
- Completions

Also shows player specific stats!

You can find this information at the scoreboard just infront of the Theatre of blood entrance



You can now click any pet in the pet list interface (;;pl) and it will open a new interface with more information regarding the pet.

Xp counter interface

Multiple fixes done to the xp counter interface which should function way better now!




Added a message if you press the "FOGW: Inactive" in questlog it will now tell you how much GP is left for the fountain

Added crystal pickaxe special & weapon information

Added wintertodt command ::wt

Added slayer command ::slayer to teleport to the masters straight away!

Fixed issue with Kree'arra bugging you with her teleport attack

Removed double spam "thanks for playing Luna" on login

Fixed issue The church quest from Saradomin side

Fixes done to farming contracts

Added magic shortbow scroll in vote store & nightmare zone shop

Fixed issue buying an item from trading post while your bank is full

Little Nightmare pet fix

Checking crystal armour now displays correct messages

Mage arena webs no longer reset

Fixed revenant pyrefiend respawn time to match osrs


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