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Fatigued x10

Theatre of Blood (2-5 players)

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Theatre of Blood


Boss 1: Maiden

Protect magic

Dwh/swh/bgs spec.

If she sends a red magic spell, move immediately, it'll splat underneath and hurt you + heal her.


Boss 2: pestilent bloat

1.) Equip Salve amulet

2.) Stay out of view, always be minimum of one adjacent wall away.

3.) When he is flashing/leaning forward, attack (he's weak to slash) for roughly 4 hits, then run back to safety before his stomp. 

4.) When the meat is following there will be shadows on the ground, avoid them. Protect from range can reduce their damage if you fail to dodge.


Boss 3: nylocus

White = melee

Green = range

Blue = mage


 When the boss spawns, after ~30s or near half hp it changes type every ~3 hits in the following succession ->melee->range->mage protection prayers and attack with the same style determined by the colors.

Note: if you attack with the wrong style, your damage is mirrored back to you, as well as effects such as venom or freezes.

Boss 4) stotetseg

NOTE: Failure to successfully switch prayers will result in the entire team taking damage.

Green = range

Red = mage

Giant red bomb tags you in chat?

Pray magic, missing this prayer results in multiple hits of 45.

Boss 5) xarpus

No protection prayers needed.

Note: if you are low in health, use redemption prayer, it has saved me a few times.

1.) Stand on shadows like at ;;vb

2.) Attack and run the same as boss 1

3.) Avoid the southeast area as much as possible until ~30% health — at 30% run to the southeast corner, it is a safe zone.




Final boss - verzik vitur


Phase 1 : one player will initiate the fight while the others reside in the safe zone between the pillar immediately west of the boss. 

• her blue attacks are magic

• between these blue attacks, she is free to be damaged safely for ~3 hits (more as you get the rhythm down)

• at ~ 30% HP protect from magic and run to the carpet


Phase 2

•similar to boss 1 and boss 5

•occasionally spawns nylocus, same colors apply but the purple one is 1 shot by toxic weapons like blowpipe, trident, tentacle.

Note, she may be meleed after each attack she performs, but if you're late you will be stunned and damaged heavily


Phase 3

• blue attack is magic

• green darts are range

• if she spawns yellow dots, stand on them until after they disappear or you will take an 80.

• if tornadoes spawn, outrun them.

Upon completion, exit to the treasure room and open a chest: 




Attached are screenshots of the setup i use most often as well as my stats.

I have completed TOB on a 1 defense pure, I've completed TOB without being maxed or having max gear, YOU CAN (and will) TOO.

Ahrims, karils, a blowpipe, trident and whip/tentacle are sufficient if you have a good team and you yourself are attentive throughout the raid.


Buena suerte, good luck and have fun.











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