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Grotesque Guardians, Multiple fixes & more!

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Grotesque Guardians


Atop the Slayer Tower in Morytania a new threat has been reanimated.
Two grotesques have awoken after they have heard too many of their brethren die in the tower below.

To get access to the grotesque guardians you will need 75 slayer and obtain a key to the roof by killing gargoyles when on a gargoyle task.

Once you have unlocked the roof and your slayer master has given you a task to kill gargoyles you can opt to take on the fearsome grotesques instead.
However, if your slayer master feels like giving you a challenge he may assign the grotesque guardians as a task.

Unique drops from Guardians:

Granite hammer:

Requiring level 50 Attack and Strength to equip, the granite hammer is an excellent primary weapon for low level players.

It also comes with an offensive special attack, allowing you to increase the damage of your next hit by 5, and increase its accuracy by 50%. When equipped it will auto-smash Gargoyles (akin to the Gargoyle Smasher perk), though it will act as an ordinary rock hammer when in the inventory.

Black Tourmaline Core

Black tourmaline cores are rare drops from the Grotesque Guardians. They can be attached to Bandos boots to create Guardian boots.

Guardian Boots

Requiring 75 Defence to equip, guardian boots provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots.

Granite Dust and Granite Cannon Balls

Granite dust drops from the grotesque guardians and can be applied to cannonballs in order to increase their max hit from 30 to 35. Granite dust is stackable, and so are granite-coated cannonballs.
However, granite dust and cannonballs are NOT tradeable.

Creating granite-coated cannonballs is done by using granite dust on cannonballs. Combining the two has no requirements and can be done with any quantity. Be aware it is not possible to reverse this process.


Granite Ring
The granite ring offers low defensive bonuses across the board, with the exception of a modest ranged defence which comes at the expense of magic defence. It requires level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength to equip. The ring can be imbued in the Nightmare Zone for 500,000 points and as a result will see its stats doubled. You can also use a imbue page to imbue the ring.

Granite Gloves
Granite gloves offer appealing stats for a mid-level, tradeable pair of gloves. To equip these you will need level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength.



Fixes done to ensure more stability for the server

Desert amulet 3 teleport fix

Fixes done with Galvek/prince black dragon pet

Fixed Jelly protect from melee

Fixed issue with random vorkath head appearin from a random npc

Dragon harpoon while equipped fixed

Fixed players being able to use multiple spellbooks due to a bug

Fixed bounds for teak log diary desert

Fixed bounds for pickpocket master farmer in Ardougne

You can now eat cheese

You can now use the water taps at Farming Guild

Added HP level requirement for NM staff

Changed requirements quest cape to 11 points

Fixed quest log information for Rick's head puzzle part

Multiple fixes done at farming guild & contracts

Updated home map allowing quicker entrance to the church



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