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Gauntlet fixes, Infernal harpoon, Corporeal Beast

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The Gauntlet

T1 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 3 kills if there's none obtained yet

T2 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 1 kill if there's none obtained yet

T3 demibosses drop their respective T3 items 100% now, and 50/50 chance per demiboss for other t3 pieces

Depletion from objects now resets when starting a new Gauntlet

Added 1 tick cooking

Fixed Crystalline dragon & Dark beast, they now have the correct animations/projectiles & attacks

Fixed animations for crystalline spider NPC

You can now crush T3 items using pestle & mortar to obtain 80 crystal shards

Added Gauntlet KC to Collection Log

Items now properly add to Collection Log

Fixes done to Hunleffs floor attack and matches osrs more now (You will have 2 more ticks compared to osrs to escape the floor attack before it turns red)

Fixed issue with T2 items not appearing in inventory when inventory is full (while wearing the t2 item)


Corporeal Beast

The Corporeal Beast will now heal 25 hitpoints every 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) when no players are fighting it, and fully heals if no one has attacked it for three minutes, this allows easier solo - duo play.

Fixed issue with zamorakian spear/hasta not working properly on Corporeal Beast from last update


Infernal Harpoon

Infernal Harpoon has been added!

Combine a dragon harpoon with a smouldering stone to create the Infernal Harpoon.

The harpoon will require no charges atall and wont degrade (qol)

The infernal harpoon has a 1/3 chance to cook fish while fishing, you need atleast 85 cooking too to be able to use this feature!




Fixed issue not being able to imbue vampyric slayer helmet

Other small fixes to ensure server working properly

Started on Corrupted Gauntlet, will be released soon if these fixes are fine!


We are slowly starting on working to update Luna to a new revision of osrs. Coming soon!


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