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Corrupted Gauntlet release & fixes

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Corrupted Gauntlet has been released!



You can now also create the (c) version of Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen & create them in 8 different colours!

You need to complete atleast 1 run of corrupted gauntlet to be able to create the (c) versions

The blade requires 1k crystal shards (or 1.5k at npc without stat requirements)

The bow requires 2k crystal shards (or 2.5k at npc without stat requirements)



Nex so far:

- Added some of Nex attacks

- Fixed creating torva & dismantling bandos for bandosian parts

- Added interface required to check for KC inside the prison


Misc/bug fixes:

Added tfp kc for non mvp

Fixed skeletal mystic issue with salve amulet

Fixes done to dz3 after its been updated (like proper xp inside dz3)

Fixed The Frozen Prison issues

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