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New prayer ashes, ancient godsword & zaryte & more!

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New ashes

In one of osrs new updates there were new ashes added, with these ashes you can scatter them for prayer XP.

- Fiendish ashes (dropped by Imps, pyrelords, waterfiends, ice demons & more) - 20 XP
- Vile ashes (Dropped by Chronozon, Bloodveld, Greater demon, hellhounds, Lesser demons & more) - 40 XP
- Malicious ashes (Dropped by black demons, blood reaver, Demonic gorilla, Nechryaels & more) - 120 XP
- Abyssal ashes (Dropped by Abyssal Sire, Abyssal Demon) - 120 XP
- Infernal ashes (Dropped by Cerberus, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Skotizo, Zalcano) - 140 XP

Ancient Godsword & Zaryte equipment

Ancient Godsword special added

Zaryte crossbow special added

Zaryte vambraces added

& pretty much everything else Nex drops is added and ready to go!

Able to create bandos components & torva

Misc edits

Reduced aggressive level of Dagannoth Prime

Added loot & NPCs in the Ancient Prison

Fixed teleporting to ::dz3

World boss edits

TOB is now back open

Added god wars protection in Ancient prison

Increased Astral rune stock in Baba yaga's shop to 20000

Reduced item prices in the pkp store

Fixed animation crystal axe

Lots of edits done to player death mechanics

Fixed AFK dust, now stackable again





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