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Halloween event, TOB edits, NPC aggression & more

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Pumpkin.pngHalloween eventPumpkin.png

Death needs help to save Halloween!

He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy.

He will get you a shopping list and you have to collect these items!

After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the halloween shop to get either GP or exclusive items!

You can find him located next to the altar at home


- Complete mini quest for 50 candy points!
- Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder!
- Obtain candy from The Gauntlet!
- Obtain candy from birdhouses!
- Obtain candy from Tournaments!
- Obtain candy by catching implings!
- Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy!
- Obtain candy from any npc after completing the mini quest!


Items obtainable from event:

Haunted wine bottle (also has 16 dialogue chats!)


Sauce pan

Dragon claws (or)

Ugly halloween jumper (can reverse the jumper to make the jumper black!)


Dragon warhammer (or)


Jack lantern mask

Pumpkin lantern


Skeleton lantern


The home map also been updated to a halloween theme!




Theatre of Blood

There will be more fixes coming for the Theatre, but heres a few right now!

- Fixed Maiden bloodsplat attacks
- Fixed multiple safespots
- Fixes done to bloat & Nylocas
- Fixes done to loot
- More performance fixes



Added ::daily command to claim your daily chest

Editted ::commands with new commands

Added correct animation for scattering ashes

Added third age specials for third age axe & pickaxe

Ancient godsword fixes

Fixed shooting star issue

dz3 fixes

Made AFK dust stackable again

Fixed mining mineral at certain spots that werent correct

Changed mineral droprates to match osrs

Temporarily disabled bloody merchant till further notice

Fixes done to Eldritch staff for prayer regeneration against NPCs using special attack

Fixes done to all NPCs in terms of npc aggression, making it easier for us to fix safespots & more



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