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Updates #4 191 cache, Forex Enclave, bug fixes

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New items: Full Inquisitor's set.
All Nightmare staffs & orbs
Dark Graceful
All Hallowed items
Mahogany Homes item set
All The Nightmare items & Darkmeyer
Ring of Endurance
Amulet of blood fury
Nightmare Pet
Luna Rabbit Pet (Most of these items need definitions and misc things added which will happen)
(There are probably way more items just look from revision 182 to 191 and help us find them!)
 Full Ferox Enclave.
In 18 wildy a safezone to hang out in.
Tournaments will be hosted there.
Bank Pools(Will be fixed)
Altar Teleport to fun PK Cave (Will be fixed)
  The Nightmare Full map
All boss NPCs and animations work
The Nightmare is being fixed at the moment to get it out for you guys! And SO MUCH MORE which we will explore and fix!
Runelite + Improved performances on Runelite overall + Added a better looking version of the original background + Added new icons to it + Emojis on by default (Can turn this off) + No more Player Indicator for new players as soon as they first login + Removed unused features on runelite that will not be used within the server
We done a complete rework on raids. (Chambers Of Xeric) + You can now scout the rooms as soon as you enter the raid. + Ice Giant and Thieving Room are re-added. + The crab puzzle has been disabled. + Several bug fixes
 Farming guild + Almost every patch at Farming Guild works now + You can finally farm there!
Myth's guild + Added Mythic guild! + Shops! + Furnace! + More!
  Home + Added a new object for Trading Post! + Removed all doors at home + Fixed Mac + Replaced Furnace a little bit closer to bank + Added a bunch of new shop NPCs + New object for fun PK
  Slayer + Fixed slayer hard tasks. + Fixed slayer bosses tasks. + Points you receive changed!
 Shortcuts + Fixed Zeah Runecrafting shortcut
NPC's + Reduced Venenatis strength and defence + Fixed Cave Horror attack speed + Scavenger beasts now die after killing it, not respawn.
Teleports + Fixed Feldip Hill coords + Fixed Farming Guild coords + Added Ferox Enclave teleport. + Added Catherby teleport + Added Rimmington teleport
 Tournament + Tournament has been replaced to Ferox Enclave + Tournament for donators will receive extra Blood Money now
Changed drop rates + Adamant Dragon + Rune Dragon
  Donator: + Added extra tournament BM money + Fixed Donator angler spots at donator zone + Temporary icons till we get a better cache tool to get the new ones!
Questlog + Added a Q&A for new players (is being worked on)
Vengeance Animation fixed + Ornament kits all fixed + Trading post has a different object now


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