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Ash sanctifier, Theatre of blood edits & multiple fixes

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Theatre of Blood

We felt that the current reward system wasn't very good over all so we reworked it

The reward system has been reworked to match osrs more with the mvp system etc.

Made rewards from Theatre of blood slightly better as well


Scythe of Vitur

Quick note: This scythe of vitur will be in tomorrows update.

Scythe of Vitur is now a chargeable item

Every player that owns a scythe right now will receive 10k free charges

You can charge your scythe at the vyre well close to the theatre of blood entrance, with 1 vial of blood & 300 blood runes for 100 charges

Ash sanctifier

Added ash sanctifier - You can now claim it at Tyss near the Dark Altar after completing Medium Kourend & Kebos diary.

The ash sanctifier acts like a bonecrusher, but for the new prayer ashes instead!

Donator benefits:
Increased points inside of Chambers of Xeric
Receives 4 points instead of 3 from damage
Receives 5 points instead of 5 from damage

Note the benefit above will be experimental and may be subject to change

Get more GP from voting:
120k GP per vote

105k GP per vote

100k+ GP per vote

95K+ GP per vote

90k+ GP per vote

85k+ GP per vote

80k GP per vote



Changed mogre max hit

Added a fix for Lizardman shaman PJ issue while jumping in the air

Added ability to give $ scrolls to ironman, simply use a scroll on an ironman to hand it over!

Fixed crystal armour & hidden accuracy/damage boost now boosts item specific instead of set specific

Fixed minotaur reanimation spell

Can now deliver all candy in your inventory at once

Fixed cape shop at Theatre of Blood

Made loot of Larrans chest overall better & increased chances at dagon'hai

Added correct animation for Zaryte crossbow

Added ability to cook & eat bird meat

Fixed dwarven remains item in changing dono shop

Made chargeable scythe untradeable & uncharged tradeable

Can now grab pickaxe at CoX guardians

Guardians fix able to use BP/other ranged items to safespot them

Changed guardians attack range to 1

Fixed issue vial of blood not adding properly to the collection log

Fixes done to wilderness count

Added a warning of player is combat locked attempting to gain xp with xp lamp

Added white wolf mountain teleport

Fixed bone bolts pack

Fixes done to Nechryael spawning npc

Added message at mage arena when killing a mage, now revealing current mage arena points in chat

Fixed correct pet droprate Skotos & fixed skotos loottable overall

Added ::tfp ::cox ::tob ::rts commands for easier teleporting to these activities

Fixed The Frozen Prison middle barrier issue

Fixed issue allowing you to obtain nests from Chambers of Xeric

Fixed certain mage weapons like trident of the seas attacking with 5 ticks instead of what it should be, 4

Made the theatre of blood kits sanguine & holy a tradeable item

Fixed vorkath safespot

Lots of behind the scene edits done to issues the server been experiencing past week & been fixed

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