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More pet perks, droprate boost changes, fixes & more

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New pet perks:

Save points dying inside of the Chambers of Xeric

Youngllef (normal version):
Start gauntlet with a weapon frame & 50 crystal shards (Works in both normal & corrupted gauntlet)

Youngllef(Corrupted version)
10% Increased damage & accuracy inside The Gauntlet (Works in both normal & corrupted gauntlet)



Misc/new additions/bug fixes

Droprate boosts

X1 droprate boost has been increased from 6% to 8%

X10 droprate boost has been increased from 3% to 4%

Note: These droprates might change to 10% for x1 and 5-6% for X10


Can now cannon at Chasm of fire & Karuulm hellhounds

Olmlet is now a obtainable pet (oops)

Made Bryophyta staff (uncharged) a tradeable item

Fixed jelly proper attack (for prayer)

Added Sraracha pet dialogue & fixed pathing issue of that pet

Fixed issue with Theatre of Blood parties not disbanding properly & player stuck not able to create a new party because of it

Fixed issue at Nightmare

Reduced droprate Beaver pet

Made stage advancement for farming message a filtered one


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