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Home qol changes, bloody merchant, lots of fixes & new additions

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Renamed all npcs at home to what shop they are/use of npc

Added normal map back again (no more halloween map)

Added icons in the combat store


Arthur the clue hunter

Increased amount of daily clue skips at Arthur for donators, even allowed f2p players to skip 3 clues a day up to easy

Fixed issue with clue hunter not properly showing how many clue skips you have left after doing it the day before

Bloody Merchant

Bloody merchant has been re-added and better than ever!

Reworked most of how the shop works

Added way more teleport locations the merchant can teleport to

Added a max quantity per item & new items added to the merchant!

Keris dagger & Keris partisan

It deals 33% bonus damage against all kalphites and scarabites
and has a 1/51 chance of puncturing a hole in their exoskeleton, dealing triple damage.

The Keris dagger can be obtained through the pvm store

The Keris partisan is obtained through ToB/TFP!

New pet perk

Tangleroot now has a 90% chance to save compost when compost is used on a patch while pet is out (This also works for bottomless bucket)


Edits done to wilderness counter
If there are 0 players in Wilderness, counter says 0
If there are between 1 and 5 player(s) in the wilderness, the counter shows 1+
If there are 5 or more than 5 in wilderness, show actual counter

Added KC overlay interface



Misc/fixes/additional content

Increased alchable rewards inside gauntlet to make it more profitable

Added jar of smoke to smoke devil & ability to create the display at construction home

Fixed moving donator store issue with null items appearing occasionaly

Increased aggressive level ammonite crabs

Scythe is now a chargeable item

Fixed certain items not having correct stats/arms going through the armor

Reduced impling jar reward for impling scroll amount from 2 to 1

Added seers ring (i) to pk chest

Create crystal armor fixes & killing a player wearing crystal armor now gives you seeds & other player loses the armor

Clue caskets give +1 count now for collection log instead of after completing a clue so the count goes up claiming a vote casket etc too

Added beginner clue count in collection log

Fixed scorpia's offspring pet issue

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