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Revenant boss, TOB, butterflies & more edits

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Revenant Boss

Revenant Maledictus has been added!

The boss spawns the same way as on osrs, you kill revenants inside the revenant caves and chance for it to spawn increases depending on the revenants combat level that died (like if revenant dragon is 120 combat it increases by 120/X and if you kill a 60 imp, 180/X)

The X will always remain the same

The revenant boss also has a failsafe and will spawn after some time if no one kills a revenant

The announcement of the boss spawning only appears inside the revenant cave

Upon death, top-damaging players wearing an amulet of avarice will receive the Forinthry Surge (Skull (Forinthry surge) icon.png) skull, which provides an additional 15% accuracy and damage buff against all revenants for 30 minutes. (Stacks with amulet of avarice)

Top damage player also has 5% chance to receive a ancient effigy. Else a ancient totem or emblem

The revenant boss shares the droptable of the revenant dragon as well, and even players that didn't do most damage will receive one roll of loot & one blighted restore & two pieces of blighted food

In an upcoming update you can obtain a revenant pet from the revenant Maledictus, the perk of this pet: Act like a amulet of avarice while pet is out (Doesn't stack with another amulet of avarice if you wear this) - Waiting on pet to see how boss will go first!

Revenant boss can spawn here:

  • Revenant cyclops/Revenant demon chamber (north)
  • Revenant dragon's chamber (north)
  • Northern revenant imp's area (north)
  • Revenant hellhound's/old revenants' ruins (middle)
  • Eastern revenant pyrefiend's area (middle)
  • Western revenant pyrefiend's chamber (middle)
  • Revenant dark beast's chamber (middle)
  • Northern revenant ork's chamber (middle)
  • Southern revenant ork's chamber (south)
  • Southern revenant demon's chamber (south)
  • Outside the southern revenant demon's area (south)


Theatre of Blood

The theatre had lots of issues that caused server to lag, therefore we had to disable TOB temporarily past week, our apologies for that!

We've made sure and tested toroughly that everything gets deleted/destroyed properly inside the theatre and causes less lag with lots of improvements made in code overall.


Added ability to catch butterflies


Fixed issue with not being able to release salamanders

Chambers of Xeric

Skeletal mystics improvements

Re-added old guardians temporarily since there was a bug with it

Client edits
Information about how to create an account when player presses "create account"


Misc/bug fixes

You will now get more GP over all from clue reward caskets

You can now change your own XP rate (in questlog, you can only go up in XP rate, not down!)

Added abyssal sire TP

Justiciar now counts as saradomin item at god wars

Fix for GP of coin box if you got village level for increased gp (didnt show correct amount in chat)

Gem stall at home now also gives gems

More time at Seren to dodge the whirlwind attack

Fixed toktz-xil-ak (obsidian sword)

Candies are now taken out of game (Bye halloween event)

Updated demon category for arclight

Anti bot updates (camera now shakes to warn you about the bot because some people dont see it properly)


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I see surm and 50k got early access 😅

Non the less brother amazing update! So you've done so much man and should be proud ♥️

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