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Verzik only, rev boss edits, skilling shop, Olm head fix, start of christmas event,

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Start of christmas event!

Home has been changed to a christmas theme!

You can now gather snowballs again at home from various snowpiles to throw at players

The christmas tree at home has a free present for everyone!

$10 donators: Receive a orange mystery box!

$100+ donators receive a super mystery book!

$1000+ donators receive 2 super mystery books!


Verzik Only

Verzik only has been added onto TOB!

A chance to learn the boss & still obtain some uniques & vials of blood & more!

These uniques can be obtained from verzik only:

Justiciar, avernic, Sanguine/holy kits, vials of blood

At a rate of 1/600


Revenant boss

Added pvp weapons to revenant boss

Added Elder maul (or) to loottable



Added a dedicated skilling shop to home and removed 5 NPCs, making shops even easier now!

Reworked bunch of shops as well.


Chambers of Xeric

Fixed olm safespot

Fixed proper olm head movements, matching osrs now


Increased droprate chance of boots (ranger boots, wizard boots, holy sandals)

Added 4 kits to master clues:

Anguish ornament kit
Dragon kiteshield ornamen
Dragon platebody ornament
Tormented bracelet kit

Increased chance at bloodhound pet


Changed droprates of Elvarg

Increased chance at unique loot (ranger boots etc)

Increased chances at high alch loot

Updated ::boosts



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