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Update #5 Bank tabs, Decanter, Sigmund, bug fixes

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Added Chaos & Blood altars to Skilling donorzone (dz2)

Added red chinchompas to dz2

Added karab and anglers to dz2

Fixed raid chest loot

Turned off raids thieving room again for now

Added Ice giant and re-added crab puzzle

Added clue skip step page on donator store 3 and changed the page to 1 point in vote store again

Changed super Mystery book price & better loots from 22 to 18 points

Changed mystery box from 15 to 10 points

Fixed house portal bug that tells you to go to your house at home

Fixed zoo keeper & every other clue NPC Removed the random pets in donator zone Fixed wyrm tasks that didnt count

Fixed bank tabs!

Fixed X amount in bank

Wyrm slayer tasks works now

Full Konar slayer boss

A slayer master for higher level slayer.

You get a task at a certain location The NPCs have a chance to drop keys which you can use at the Brimstone Chest for awesome loots!

Decanter - A much awaited one for the players

Sigmund The Merchant When you trade Sigmund it opens a trade window you can put your stuff in and it will sell for a good price, also noted etc sell all works now! HP bar boss issue fix There was an issue with certain bosses with weird HP, this should work now.

+ Fixed shop price bugs (donator shops, vote shops, daily task shops, basicly every shop that was bugged

+ Fixed ground items staying forever and you can now pickup your stuff in wilderness on mobile without relogging 

Added X amount buy from shops (Press the buy 50 for now, it will ask you how much you want to buy) 

Fixed Vetion daily task counting

+ Added Taverley teleport and fixed Feldip Hills teleport

+ Added Dark altar to bless Arceeus dense rocks in ::dz2 (skilling zone)

+ Added soul altar to ::dz2

+ Replaced Salve Amulet in shops with Salve Amulet (ei)

+ Fixed Bloody merchant price for anglers

+ Arcane spirit shield to donor shop 3 (Temporary)

+ Blessed spirit shield to donor shop 3 + Spirit shield added to Blood Money shop

Previous Teleport feature in teleporter

Fixed favorite teleport

Feldip Hills teleport fixed

Chaos druids combat fixed Higher level chaos druids combat fixed Impling spawn fix

- Puro puro glory value has been fixed

Auto cast zamorak and saradomin staff

Wintertodt checks warm clothing

Added Phoenix pet to wintertodt droptable

Uncharging Bracelet of etherium gives you ether now

Disabled Ice Giant chamber

Removed Terror dogs for now untill further notice Reduced WOGW from 50m to 30m





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