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Crystal crafting, multiple fixes & new additions

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Theatre of Blood

Bloat now dies faster

Corrected pillar positions at Nylocas

Lots of work done on back-end of TOB to ensure a better overall experience

- Dev note: There will be more fixes/content added to TOB

Crystal crafting

You can now talk to Reese or Conwenna next to the singing bowl to create crystal armour/weapons with crystal shards/seeds for an additional crystal shard cost to create the items without a crafting/smithing requirement.

Corrected shard amount needed for crystal helm (was 40, now 50)


Mole perk

80% chance at additional mole claw and/or skins from the Giant Mole


Can now properly create battlemage & bastion potions and drink them


Players can now talk to the Tower Advisor located at the home bank to receive a small compensation for recent issues

Misc content/bug fixes

Added ability to create jewelry at the dz3 furnace

You can now use scroll boxes on Arthur the clue hunter to receive caskets

Fixed attack animation of the abyssal bludgeon

Galvek now counts as a red dragon for slayer


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