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Brimstone ring, bug fixes & new content, new perks

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Added brimstone ring effect:
When casting combat spells, the ring has a 25% chance to ignore 10% of the target's total magic defence

The drop value of all items has been edited and now matches GE prices of osrs to have a better more logical value

New perks:

Infinite run outside of the Wilderness

Perfect Ava's - 95% chance to save arrows instead of 80%

Both perks can be purchased here:


Bug fixes/content

Multiple fixes done to Verzik & Tob

Cure me spell also cures venom now

Fixed some items with incorrect level requirements

Christmas event is now over, back to original map

Fixes done at Revenant cave concerning an interface popping up constantly

Fixed achievement cape, added teleports, emotes and proper trim/untrim capes

Added cannon checks

Dz3 altar edits

Fixed dz3 xp boost


Lots of work has been done to Nex, bingo system & Tears of Guthix, will be released later!

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