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Update #6 New questtab, Trailer, Stackable clue boxes, tournament

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+ Added Discord presence

+ Fixed Mac Mac will look which stats are 99 now and show you the capes. If you buy the cape you automaticly receive the hood in your bag.

You can now get Ironman armor at Adam if you right click "armor"

+ Added Darklight to daily task and blood money shop

Added 3 new tournament sets! + F2P Melee Pure + F2P Melee/range pure + Pure with Dragon Claws!

Increased Blood Money amount received in Tournaments

You cant join a tournament with 2 accounts now

Added the stackable Scroll boxes for clues that is used in Twisted League

+ Added Easy to Master in donor store 3 temporary (See what u guys think can always be changed)

+ Easy Medium and Hard scroll box in daily task store

+ Elite and Master scroll box in Blood Money shop

+ Reduced cost amount for rev weapons in Bounty Hunter store

+ Added Jangleberries in secondaries shop

+ Added limited sharks in food store - Removed mythic cape from range store

+ Reduced prices knifes and darts in ranging shop

+ Added grapes to secondaries store

Added Donator skilling zone GP store with right now just a few items:

+ Low stock of super restores (4)

+ Low stock of Mahogany planks

+ Low stock of Super combat potions

+ Tournament information board at home!

Fixed a faulty preset for tournament

Slight reduce and increase certain items in master clue

We did quite alot of work on the trailer, some behind the scenes work and improvements

We still wanted to get some good stuff out for you guys! We have alot in the works at the moment 🙂 Im excited to show you guys soon but for now...

New improved questtab + New features + Better look! + Upcoming new achievements

Golden Boy tournament preset added.

Fixed Bloody Merchant

Fixed Champions guild teleport

Fixed Tutorial stuff for new players

Added Hydra heads in hydra loottable

Fixed all tournament presets that were fucked

+ We've fixed and added Scythe Of Vitur and Sanguinesti Staff They will be in the Donor store for only a short period of time.

We finally almost fixed the website & the new launcher that comes with it is already fixed! Coming soon!

+ Golden boy Preset for tournament

+ You can now crack coconuts and make coconut milk

+ Opponent info added in runelite (Included when you launch the launcher coming soon)

+ Fixed drops of all wyverns in Ancient Cave

+ Fixed multiple aggressive levels of NPCs around the world attacking low level players







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