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Revision update, new Wilderness bosses, voidwaker, new clients, improvements, bank size, pick your own task & more!

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The time is finally here for one of the biggest updates on Luna so far!

Before we start I would just like to mention this update will be huge, even tho we've tested lots there could still be issues we have not found, be sure to report these bugs, would be greatly appreciated!

With this update we will be on the latest version. This will include things like Tombs of Amascut, Phantom Muspah & much more which will all be introduced in due time!

We have updated our PC & mobile clients.

Our runelite client has a plugin hub now, in this hub you may find 600+ different plugins you can put on, including plugins like 117HD!



All new interfaces, this includes interfaces like:

- Character selection
- Quest tabs

- Advanced settings

- Collection Log
- Items kept on death

- New Arceeus spellbook - note: only reanimations & teleports will currently work, adding new spells at a later time!


- Prayer filters

- Equip character through bank interface
- Skill lamp


Wilderness bosses rework

Vet'ion, Callisto & Venenatis has been completely reworked, they all have their own dungeon now and offer new variaties of weapons!

Please note: At release only the multi variants of the bosses will be available, the easier single+ versions will be released somewhere after this update.

And ofcourse we have also added the escape caves.

After you leave a boss area you will be put on a random position in the escape caves, you have to find the exit through there to get out!

Be careful of PKers lurking around.





Similar to Korasi they have implemented voidwaker, and so have we! You can obtain a piece for every wilderness boss, put them together to create the voidwaker.


Webweaver Bow

An upgrade to the craws bow(u) this bow also has a special attack able to attack a player or NPC 4 times!


Thammaron sceptre/Accursed sceptre

Thammarons sceptre has been reworked, and now acts like a staff similar to trident and has been buffed overall!

The accursed sceptre also has a special attack, which hits an enemy for 50% increase to max hit and accuracy and drains the targets defence and magic by 15%


Ursine chainmace

An upgrade to the Viggora's chainmace

This mace also has a special attack.

The special attack hits an enemy with doubled accuracy and upon a successfull hit also deals 20 damage over 6 seconds and prevents them from running for 3.6 seconds and reduces the target's agility level by 20.



Pick your slayer task

We have added a way to pick your own slayer task, not every NPC is added to the list but most are!



Bank size

We have increased the bank size currently to a limit of 1200.

You may increase your bank size depending on your donator rank only currently.

Normal players receive 816 spots, so 16 more than before

Every rank after that will receive an additional + 40 space.


If you right click a player you will now see their title!




Can no longer use blighted spells outside of the Wilderness

Can now change directions of the wilderness obelisks properly with wilderness hard diary achieved

Dwarf cannon can now hold 60 max ammo

Added cadavaberry seeds to master farmers

Added Ferox Enclave dungeon

Duel arena has been taken out of the game for now. If players want it back we could always do this ofcourse but we can always think about doing something with the PVP arena instead

I figured this would be fine considering we have FP and other means to gamble and duel arena wasnt used as much anymore

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